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5 Ways to Ease the Data Blending Challenge
January 15, 2015

How Intelligent Digital Self-Service with Customer Analytics Can Lower Costs and Raise Revenue

Available On-Demand

Date Held: July 29, 2014

With so much business transacting online, customer analytics has become a catalyst for serious enterprise change. By understanding each customer touchpoint, companies can build trust, make more targeted offers, and gain valuable insight about operational efficiencies. With a better awareness of costs, companies can make smarter decisions about how to optimize nearly every aspect of their business.

Register for this Information Management Webcast to learn how today's most cutting-edge companies are using intelligent digital self-service with customer analytics to engage their customers and outpace competitors. Discover the benefits of moving from a "chat now" focus to ongoing customer conversations. Topics covered will include how to enable self-service, derive analytics, increase loyalty, and improve customer interactions across various channels. Attendees will learn best practices for how to maximize customer satisfaction using the latest in enterprise technology.


Gerhard Heide
Director, Global Market Strategy, Pitney Bowes

Konrad Litwin 
Chief Sales Officer – International, Sorriso Technologies

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