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5 Ways to Ease the Data Blending Challenge
January 15, 2015

Advancing Analytics in the Digital Age

Available On-Demand

Date Held: July 11, 2014

Half of the people on the planet have never known life without the Internet. Six billion of them have mobile phones. And 48 percent of them have bought something with those phones.

In the new world of digital how do companies create an analytics culture that combines support for innovation with consistent execution? As more companies embrace a digital strategy, what role do business intelligence and analytics play?

In this unique roundtable Web event, five acknowledged BI experts will discuss how new digital directives are re-shaping enterprise analytics—and vice versa.

Join industry experts Jill Dyché, Claudia Imhoff, Shawn Rogers, and Colin White as they share their insights and experiences supporting innovation strategies through analytics, live from the Pacific Northwest BI Summit on the Rogue River in Oregon.

The conversation will cover:
  • The current state of enterprise analytics and the new forces at work driving change
  • Ways in which analytics and BI can support corporate digital strategies
  • Why emerging analytics capabilities support digital
  • How companies can link digital and analytics to drive customer loyalty and fuel growth

All proceeds from this webinar will be donated to Casting for Recovery Northern Oregon, which is organizing free fly fishing retreats for breast cancer survivors.

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