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May 27, 2014
May 13: Cost-effective, scale-out backup in 1 solution
May 13, 2014
New Best Practices To Manage Customer Information
May 7, 2014

The Three Pillars of Data Science, and the Secret Ingredient

Available On-Demand

Date Held: July 8, 2013

Organizations that wish to benefit from Data Science must appreciate the three pillars of the discipline, and ensure that one or more team members fills each of these requirements:

  • they understand the business and care about the data;
  • they are up to speed on the statistical techniques that can be effectively applied to their data; and,
  • they must have detailed knowledge of the hardware and software required.

And then there's the secret ingredient!

Register for this episode of Data Science to learn from veteran IT Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, a trained actuary who has studied virtually every aspect data structure and manipulation. He'll explain how organizations must shed old habits, in particular the Chinese wall that often rises between the data managers and the statistical experts. And he'll outline the most important aspect of Data Science in the new world of information management: Data Flow!

Are you actively evaluating master data management technologies and their ability to scale and support emerging trends around big data, social and mobile?

Yes 61%
No 23%
Don't Know 9%
Not Applicable 6%


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