Unstructured Data/Content Management

Any document, file, image, report, form, etc. without a highly defined data model or relational structure for convenient use in automated processing; unstructured data may contain many facts: fields, dates, names etc., but not organized in the rows and columns associated with structured data.

FeatureThe VA announced the milestone on August 1, when an Army veteran from Montgomery, Ala., became the 500,000th volunteer to enroll in the research database program.
NewsABI Research estimates machine learning-based data analytics tools and services revenues to hit nearly $20 billion in 2021 as machine-learning-as-a-service (MlaaS) models take off.
BlogIt’s crazy when I think back to all I accomplished with so much data and ‘primitive’ analytical tools like Excel and SQL. I wonder what my job would look like with today’s tools and techniques?
BlogBy 2020, the combined annual revenue of insights-driven businesses will be $1.2 trillion, and much of this revenue will be diverted from your business.
FeatureWhile in the past companies have traditionally relied on data warehouses for their data repository, data lakes have recently been utilized as a new approach to data storage.
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FeatureA new report from TDWI looks at the important role of data preparation in order to best use that data to drive business decisions.
FeatureNIH’s effort includes the development of new tools and analytic methods for integrating patient data with information about contextual factors at the community and population levels that influence health outcomes.
BlogI was lucky enough to find my calling in numerical analytics and scientific computing, but how can we inspire an entire generation to track along career paths which emphasize quantitative reasoning.
FeatureSelf-service analytics tools enable retailers to hook up to various internal and external silos, grab data and mash it up at will. They see this as a key to smarter decision-making – and they’re correct.
BlogNearly two thirds of marketing decision makers plan to implement or upgrade predictive analytics solutions during the next 12 months.
PwC recently released its 2016 Big Decisions Survey, focused on how enterprises around the world are limiting risk and leveraging data to make the big decisions that will give them a competitive edge. With insights across 15 industries, the survey of more than 2,100 company decision-makers and leaders found that…
NewsThe data show that small facilities are struggling when it comes to the interoperable exchange and use of electronic health information.

Customer service optimization (CSO) is a technology-enabled discipline that puts customer service professionals in position to deliver outstanding service. The goal is to correctly resolve each incident without subjecting customers to time-consuming and annoying delays such as waiting “on hold,” having to explain their problem more than once or feeling that they are participating in on-the-job training of customer service agents. At the heart of CSO is the ability to access the best, most relevant and up-to-date information available in the organization. Therefore a robust and powerful search capability is an essential component. Being able to quickly find relevant data on a topic, regardless of where it resides and what form it is in, is often the key to achieving the goal of resolving incidents in a single call or interaction. Learn more in this informative white paper.

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