Unstructured Data/Content Management

Any document, file, image, report, form, etc. without a highly defined data model or relational structure for convenient use in automated processing; unstructured data may contain many facts: fields, dates, names etc., but not organized in the rows and columns associated with structured data.

FeatureStrong BI can become the data syndication traffic cop and data clearing house for enterprises that need to make better, faster decisions.
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With the proper analytical foundation, organizations now have the information needed to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and drive key enterprise changes. Perhaps benefitting the most from big data is IT. Here are five practical uses for predictive analytics.
Is data scientist still the “Sexiest job of the 21st Century?” For some, it could be, if they have the right skill sets. O’Reilly Media has just published its “2016 Data Science Salary Survey,” looking at the typical pay for data pros with the most in-demand skills. Today we look at the top data management / big data platform skills.
Hiring demand for data professionals has been a roller coaster ride in 2016, but there are certain skills that employers will pay a premium for. The just published "2016 Data Science Salary Survey" by O'Reilly Media breaks them all down. Today we look at the top machine learning and statistics skills cited in that report.
Getting value out of big data begins with seeing that data, which makes data visualization skills critical in the process. O’Reilly Media has just published its “2016 Data Science Salary Survey,” which looks at the demand levels and typical pay for data pros with the top big data skills. Here are the results for data visualization skills.
Launching an effective digital analytics strategy is a must-do to understand your customers. But many organizations are still trying to figure out how to get business values from expensive analytics programs. Here are 5 common analytics mistakes that can kill any predictive analytics effort.
Picking a service that manages your data isn’t something to be taken lightly. You’ll want to research a few different services before choosing what is right for your company. Here is advice on how to look at different services to make sure you really understand the value each brings to the table.
Self-service analytics are growing in popularity because the benefits are many and they can be easily deployed by non-technical users. Consider the following checklist for an effective and comprehensive self-service analytics strategy.
NewsCatholic Health Initiatives has 108 hospitals and Dignity Health has 40. They will start the program at major cancer centers within both systems, working with potentially dozens of community hospitals over time.
FeatureWhile the nationwide adoption of electronic health records is nearly universal, especially among hospitals, the industry still suffers from a lack of interoperability between these systems.
FeatureWhat’s needed is for organizations to be able to bring customer data from all internal and external sources together into a single source of truth.
NewsWhile most states now have established standards for data classification and security (cited by 71 percent), most states are still a long way from implementing a mature Enterprise Data Management function.

Customer service optimization (CSO) is a technology-enabled discipline that puts customer service professionals in position to deliver outstanding service. The goal is to correctly resolve each incident without subjecting customers to time-consuming and annoying delays such as waiting “on hold,” having to explain their problem more than once or feeling that they are participating in on-the-job training of customer service agents. At the heart of CSO is the ability to access the best, most relevant and up-to-date information available in the organization. Therefore a robust and powerful search capability is an essential component. Being able to quickly find relevant data on a topic, regardless of where it resides and what form it is in, is often the key to achieving the goal of resolving incidents in a single call or interaction. Learn more in this informative white paper.

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