Before you put a big data business case together, spend some time trying to understand the data and its content, in order to comprehend the ROI. This is where the data governance aspect comes into play
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featureIt becomes difficult to maintain and manage high quality data without policies, strategies and dedicated efforts across business functions
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featureA simplistic example shows the value of focusing the data governance efforts on a single high-value business process and a handful of critical attributes
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featureProject managers must establish a PMO that is run with a direct two-way supportive relationship with the executive
featureIn a survey from The Information Difference, 69 percent of respondents stated that master data management and data governance program initiatives were mutually supportive
featureThe most innovative companies in the world rely on enterprise social networking to collaborate, share and test ideas, identify new opportunities for growth and build stronger relationships with customers
FEATUREHow SMBs can implement a data governance program that is both effective and fits with the company’s size and resources
Information Management Info DirectThe fable of the tortoise and the hare teaches that steadily and gradually pursuing the direction of a distant destination is a good planning approach. But does this apply in today’s volatile world?
NewslettersSimilar to Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs, you start with basic needs – storage and protection – and progress to the stage where information becomes actionable and drives revenue growth
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