Social Media/Collaboration

Social media includes the tools and activities of personal and group engagement, discourse and shared experience. In social and business settings, collaboration tools and platforms help to summon, engage and organize people, information, activities, projects and programs with shared planning, records, timelines and measures of work.

NewsWith its wireless business slowing, Verizon has been pursuing new sources of growth, such as connected-device subscriptions, video streaming, mobile advertising and mobile-workforce management.
FeatureVerizon will pay cash in a deal that includes Yahoo real estate, but excludes some intellectual property, which will be sold separately.
FeatureAdvertisers can pay the social-media service to have branded geofilters -- a type of graphical overlay people can use to decorate photos or videos they’re sharing -- to show up in the app in specific locations.
NewsThe Brussels Court of Appeal said the nation’s data protection authority couldn’t prevent Facebook from storing data from non-users in a fight over measures the technology giant says help it combat hacking.
BlogMicrosoft must be much faster to decide on LinkedIn's strategy than it did with Skype. It took Microsoft several years to define its strategy for Skype, and Yammer for that matter.
BlogSure, Microsoft is trying to overcome a couple of stumbles with social media, and sure there may be some mutually leveragable technologies and analytics from the combined companies.
BlogMicrosoft’s ownership of LinkedIn won’t cause top performers in sales and marketing to dramatically alter or change their productive and profitable habits. At least not right away.
NewsAny probe into Microsoft Corp.’s acquisition of LinkedIn Corp. is likely to focus on the tie-up’s potential to leverage vast amounts of user data, the European Union’s antitrust chief said Friday. Inc. was reportedly a rival potential bidder for LinkedIn Corp. in the process leading up to the professional networking website’s acquisition by Microsoft Corp.
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FeatureWord that Microsoft is paying $26.2 billion to acquire LinkedIn has drawn plenty of commentary focused on Microsoft’s move to the cloud. But social media expert Paul Gillin sees the move as all about the data.
NewsSnapchat’s application for sharing disappearing photos, video and images, which has 150 million daily users, was recently valued at $18 billion after a financing round.
FeatureThis deal is a major play for a market no company has yet captured -- intracorporate communication. Evidently, Microsoft felt it had to move after Facebook made its own grab with Facebook at Work.
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