Social Media/Collaboration

Social media includes the tools and activities of personal and group engagement, discourse and shared experience. In social and business settings, collaboration tools and platforms help to summon, engage and organize people, information, activities, projects and programs with shared planning, records, timelines and measures of work.

NewsIn a 2014 tweet, President-Elect Donald Trump called the net neutrality rule, then under consideration, an "attack on the internet" that would serve to "target conservative media."
FeatureUnder her leadership, Dallas-based Children’s Health has bolstered information sharing by hosting electronic medical records for physician practices and other providers.
NewsInternet giants aren’t ignoring the problem: Facebook, Microsoft Corp., Twitter Inc. and YouTube said earlier this month they were creating a shared database to help enforce policies against online terrorist content.
Organizations are desperate to see returns on their analytics investments. Data intelligence consultant Carey Moretti offers 10 tips on how to sell the advantages of analytics to top brass.
The New Year will be one of dramatic change on a number of tech fronts. The experts weigh in on what we can expect to see for big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.
NewsFCC Democratic Chairman, Tom Wheeler, is leaving office as President-elect Donald Trump takes office Jan. 20, and his departure adds to vulnerability for the rule passed with only Democratic votes last year.
FeatureKey to melding the two sets of applications together is an ambitious scheme to integrate Microsoft’s Office Graph with LinkedIn’s social graph.
FeatureAt its core is an ambitious scheme to integrate Microsoft’s Office Graph with LinkedIn’s social graph. Analysts say that could take professionals into a whole new era of data discovery and collaboration.
FeatureAcquiring the world’s largest professional social network gives the software giant a wealth of data about professionals, their jobs and the organizations for which they work.
NewsThe EC’s consent hinged on Microsoft agreeing to provide rival social networking sites access to its Office programs for five years. The acquisition was already approved by regulators in the U.S., China and Brazil.
NewsConversely, services including Google, EBay, and Uber have taken steps to move personal data storage to Russia.
FeatureThe show floor echoed the sentiment of the Gartner MQ released earlier this year that pointed to self-service solutions as the present and future of the BI and data analytics industry.
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