Mark A. Smith

CEO & Chief Research Officer

Ventana Research

Mark is responsible for the overall business and research direction of Ventana Research and drives the global research agenda covering both business and technology areas. He defined the blueprint and methodology for improving business by using benchmark research to provide guidance across people, processes, information and technology. Mark is an expert in enterprise software and business technology innovations including: business analytics, big data, cloud computing, business collaboration, mobile technology and social media. Mark has held CMO, research and  product development roles at research and software companies.  Mark started Ventana Research more than a decade ago; he has worked in the software industry for 25 years leading innovations in research and technology. Mark was rated the 2011 software industry analyst of the year by The Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR).  Mark will also be ranked as one of the top ten technology influencers in 2012 by Human Resources Executive magazine. Check out Mark's Klout Score or check out his Kred Score. Mark can be found on Twitter at @marksmithvr, on LinkedIn, on Google+ and can be reached via email at and read his blog at

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July 13, 2016 Its founders brought passion to the pursuit of marketing excellence that inspired the organization to advance performance...

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June 17, 2016 Organizations in all industries face various difficulties in managing product information. The most serious is providing...

Can We Trust Salesforce for Business in the Cloud?
May 24, 2016 Salesforce provides a platform, tools and applications for IT who claims to be the 'no software’ company which as you will...

Docebo Innovates Learning Management Systems for Employees and Customers
April 20, 2016 The learning management system (LMS) offers opportunity for organizations to progressively enhance the effectiveness of their...

Mastering Marketing Mayhem in a Meaningful, Meticulous Manner
April 14, 2016 To counterbalance the silliness of the marketing automation dialogue, I plan to bring you a series on key areas for investment...

Qlik Makes Sense of its Analytics and Business Value
April 8, 2016 The key differentiator from other tools in the market is in the light gray areas, which lead users to natural next steps in...

Workday Works Wonders on Platform for HCM
April 5, 2016 I am impressed by what Workday has introduced in its collaboration capabilities, which are blended with worksheets, unlike in...

Domo Delivers on Managing Business Performance
March 30, 2016 Key to what Domo has done is its having designed into its offerings how people need to work with data to effectively support...

Digital Technology Agenda For Business in 2016
March 29, 2016 Analytics has become indispensable not just for measuring performance and efficiency but also for guiding effective actions...

Anodot Provides Anomaly Detection and Operational Intelligence
February 11, 2016 Unlike most vendors in the space, the company is delivering anomaly detection and operational intelligence through...

Informatica Navigates Carefully to Broader Data Management
December 21, 2015 During the past six months Informatica has made key product announcements that will impact its future and the future of data...

Datawatch Bolsters Data Preparation for all Information Assets
December 11, 2015 Our benchmark research consistently shows that preparing data is the most widespread impediment to analytic and operational...

Product Information Management Trumps Master Data Management
November 20, 2015 As organizations increase the number and diversity of products and services they offer to customers and partners, they...

Analytics Empower Your Sales Team
March 11, 2015 A new generation of analytics offers timely help to your sales professionals. Here's how.

Sales Automation Changes. Again.
February 18, 2015 Want to empower your salesforce? Develop a holistic strategy -- but don't overlook mobile and analytics.

The Future of Integrating ERP and Applications in the Cloud
August 1, 2014 Cloud-based software as a service has replaced on-premises applications that were previously part of ERP and CRM environments.

Teradata Takes Bigger Approach to Big Data
June 18, 2014 Teradata continues to expand its information management and analytics technology for big data to meet growing demand

Pitney Bowes Brings New Software for Better Business Insights
May 20, 2014 Pitney Bowes has made investments in software that can help companies change their business processes by optimizing their...

Technology Makes a Difference for Location Analytics
April 8, 2014 Research finds significant demand for location-related technology that can improve business outcomes

Cloudera Makes Hadoop a Big Player in Big Data
March 26, 2014 Cloudera’s advantage is being the focal point in the Hadoop ecosystem

Oracle Has Sunny Forecast for Cloud Computing
March 24, 2014 Oracle intends to offer the full range of cloud computing – public, private and hybrid models – to its customers and partners

SAS Unifies Big Data for Business and IT
March 13, 2014 SAS has been investing heavily to expand its big data portfolio

Location Analytics Delivers Geographic Insights
March 5, 2014 Adding geographic and location context to business information enables organizations to develop fuller understanding and...

The Sales Forecast Requires Commitment not Status Quo
March 3, 2014 Research finds less-than-adequate efforts by organizations to improve their sales forecasting process and insufficient...

Oracle Modernizes HR with Mobile and Wearable Computing
February 25, 2014 Oracle over the last two years has jumped ahead of most of its competitors by taking an integrated approach to human resources...

MicroStrategy Reveals New Generation of Analytics for Cloud and Mobile Computing
February 20, 2014 MicroStrategy introduced a portfolio of products to make it easier to perform analytics and make them easier to access through...

The Challenge for Sales: Stepping Beyond Conventional Wisdom
February 7, 2014 To excel in this environment requires not just wise use of time but prioritization of the activities and tasks that contribute...

Big Data's Opportunity for Information Optimization
January 28, 2014 One challenge for 2014 is to acquire the competencies needed to get the best possible information from big data

IBM Bets a Billion to Mobilize Watson Business Unit and Monetize Cognitive Computing
January 15, 2014 Until now IBM Watson had neither the stature in IBM’s organizational structure nor enough investment to support what the...

Optimizing the Use of Technology for Business
January 8, 2014 New and evolving tech sets the stage for Ventana's focus in the new year

Rationalizing the Tyranny of Visual Anarchy
September 6, 2013 Reality check: Visual discovery is an important step in analytics market but it's not always intuitive

Agility Provides Simplicity and Innovation in Product Information Management
September 3, 2013 Agility Multichannel is simplifying PIM to enhance the usability and overall supply chain of products

The Right Vibe for Information Management
June 17, 2013 With new brand and CMO, Informatica is committed to change

Anaplan Innovates in Modeling, Planning
June 5, 2013 Emerging toolkit moves sharing past spreadsheets; earns Ventana Leadership award

Defining Discovery’s Big Data Value Prospects
May 7, 2013 Potential, tool strengths differ across four types of discovery for analytics

With Cloud Computing, Business Takes the Lead
March 28, 2013 Accountability and cost part of unique tech shift

Kapow’s Big Data Value Proposition
March 25, 2013 Automated integration optimizes business data agility

Big Data: Check Under the Hood
March 11, 2013 People, tech for information optimization increasingly vital to data investments

Tremors in the Big Data Landscape
March 7, 2013 EMC Pivotal HD makes an enterprise bet on Hadoop

A Peek into Big Data for Windows
March 4, 2013 Hortonworks, Microsoft beta gives glimpse of wider enterprise use of Hadoop

Big Data Pointless without Integration
February 25, 2013 Organizations diving into hype now struggling with data movement, access

BI Still Regularly Fails Business. Here’s Why
February 20, 2013 Smarter business intelligence means more than adding capabilities

Location Analytics That Actually Make an Impact
February 17, 2013 Mobile, social plotting a new role for geographic data

A Wider Spectrum from Pitney Bowes
February 13, 2013 Version 8 of technology integrates quality, MDM with information management

Innovation in Cloud Operational Intelligence
February 11, 2013 Latest Splunk release holds promise to improve IT, enhance business efficiency

The Big Takeaways from IBM Connect
February 4, 2013 Annual vendor event shows strides on HR and cloud, needs with analytics and mobile

Key Technologies for Competitive Advantage in 2013
January 30, 2013 Business and IT priorities for 2013 becoming clearer

Revealing Big Data’s Secrets
January 17, 2013 2013 research agenda seeks to pull back the curtains on the “big deal” analytics strategy

Simplifying HR and Compliance
December 17, 2012 Talx, an Equifax offshoot, updates risk toolkit

Searching for Value in Big Data’s V’s
December 6, 2012 Among the velocity, volume and variety, there is a missing element that may push away business opportunity

Expand PIM to Maximize Investments
December 4, 2012 Only one-quarter of businesses trust product information management

Top Priorities for Workforce Management
December 3, 2012 Insights from Ventana's benchmark research on next-generation workforce management covering technologies for worker and...

10 Years of Business and IT Facts
November 19, 2012 Reflecting on a decade of Ventana Research, and the priorities and innovation to come

Trust Issues with Microsoft Mobile?
November 15, 2012 Microsoft tries to re-sharpen its business mobile edge

Kronos Adapts to Mobile, Management Needs
November 14, 2012 There are workforce management challenges to come with integration and marketing

Teradata’s Big Data Loaded for the Long Haul
October 31, 2012 Analytic appliances, data management software position vendor for the future

IBM’s Big Data Analytics Splash
October 29, 2012 Big Blue unleashes a broad range of appliances and uses that rival Oracle, Teradata

The Hottest BI Vendors of 2012
October 25, 2012 Latest Ventana index puts Information Builders, SAP in front of competitive pack

SAP’s In-Memory Fact over Fiction
October 17, 2012 At TechEd, vendor backs up HANA talk and launches a cloud NetWeaver

HR is on the Hip Side of Social, Mobile
October 11, 2012 At HR Technology Conference, flashes of new ways for the entire workforce to collaborate at any time

Fusion Mobile Access, HCM Show Oracle's Progress
October 5, 2012 At OpenWorld, cloud applications look more prepared for real business demands

Informatica Raises the Integration Stakes
October 2, 2012 Proposal for Heiler would unify business processes, compete with Stibo

Filling the Salesforce Integration Gaps
September 25, 2012 Didn't hear integration answers at Dreamforce? These four vendors extend support for people, process across... Analytics Can No Longer Be a Dream
September 21, 2012 An acquisition may be in store to boost vendor’s BI and connectivity

Enterprise Social is a Dream
September 19, 2012 event at the forefront of collaboration, sales activity

Taleo Staked as Oracle's HCM Future
September 18, 2012 A business overview and software demonstrations indicated what Oracle has in store for Taleo applications and how it plans to...

2012’s Hottest Data Integration Vendors
September 10, 2012 Informatica tops in-depth review of 13 in software space

IBM’s Billion-Dollar Social Business Bet
August 29, 2012 Kenexa has its own collaboration, mobile, analytics hurdles

Are You Working With Stupid KPIs?
August 23, 2012 To erase the stupidity in how KPIs are spoken about, demonstrated and actually deployed, we need to advance our dialogue and...

The State of Dashboards in 2012: Pathetic
August 22, 2012 Graphics are great, but clear BI communication is absent

Performance Management No Longer Fixated on Past
August 13, 2012 Anaplan has reinforced integrated platform, in-house talent

The Business Problems with CIO Priorities
August 8, 2012 Excel and data tools take up too much time, impact business analytics

Who’s Hot in Product Information Management?
August 3, 2012 Stibo, Heiler, Riversand top one-of-a-kind index

Hot Applications in Sales Performance Management
July 23, 2012 Oracle, neck and neck in Ventana index

Roambi Matches Mobile BI Demand
July 6, 2012 Digital platform one of few evolving with devices for business

Social Collaboration is a Talent Issue
June 29, 2012 Nothing but negatives for businesses who remain idle

IBM’s Predictive Model Approach to Decisions
June 26, 2012 High-level view of analytics software missing use cases

Hortonworks Part of Herd Leading on Hadoop
June 22, 2012 Hortonworks: Inaugural big data platform scores on metadata; competition heats up for community development

Planview Suite Has Ideation, Planning at Core
June 21, 2012 Planview Enterprise suite: project management applications move beyond inefficient productivity tools

Revolution Analytics Stretches Across Platforms
June 18, 2012 Big data, integration updates to 6.0 reflects enterprise growth

SuccessFactors Advances in Competitive Talent Market
June 11, 2012 With SAP integration under way, vendor must keep innovating

ADP Shoots for HCM Bull’s-eye
May 29, 2012 Payroll services giant gets competitive with mobile, talent management releases

Opera Does Heavy Lifting on Predictive Analytics
May 24, 2012 Big data delivery still requires some explanation

SAP: After Sapphire, Cloud Integration Looms
May 21, 2012 SAP alluded to more capabilities to come in the future which will most likely appear in its SAP Enterprise Information...

Kronos: Supercharging Workforce Analytics
May 15, 2012 Industry-specific enhancements should aid move away from spreadsheets

Swift Advantages from Sales Applications
May 11, 2012 SFA support evolving to address mobile, collaboration and analytics

Peoplefluent Moves Into Social Collaboration
May 7, 2012 Peoplefluent deal for Socialtext spurred by HCM social needs, sets Silicon Valley presence

Datawatch: A Path to Fewer BI Tools?
May 3, 2012 Virtualization provider leaning on cloud, SaaS for analytic simplicity

Splunk’s Big Data Search Finding Traction
April 30, 2012 Machine data concept provides operational intelligence opportunities

Smarts Through the Semantic Layer
April 25, 2012 Cambridge Semantics uses virtualization, common references for data access

IBM’s Unexpected Sales Move
April 16, 2012 Varicent acquisition raises questions of other moves in SPM space

Rypple: An Issue of Trust?
April 2, 2012 Questions arise on HR and collaboration announcements

Analytics with Smarts?
March 26, 2012 IBM not always ahead of the curve with all tech, but consistent with business analytics

Expanding the Human Side of HCM
March 26, 2012 Saba deal brings in more capabilities with workforce analytics

Ambitious Agenda for Ceridian
March 12, 2012 Vendor expanding into HCM software, services

Business Analytics Empowerment With Alteryx
March 2, 2012 New generation of ‘data artisans’ processing from multiple sources

Informatica Advances Data Integration for Social Media
February 23, 2012 Now, Informatica will have to educate marketing and social media executives to perceive what it offers as part of the...

Oracle Reaches for Cloud Credibility
February 13, 2012 Taleo software users should reassess their portfolio

Actuate Establishes Performance Analytics for Business Excellence
February 6, 2012 Actuate BIRT release gives vendor an opportunity to spread performance management to a much broader audience

Oracle BI Mobile Review
February 2, 2012 Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile: Hands-On Review Finds Shortfalls

MicroStrategy Infuses Social Media Intelligence into Marketing
January 30, 2012 In the last few years social media has transformed how people and companies interact, as well as how the technology industry...

10 Best Practices Learned from 2011 Tech Market Chaos and Stupidity
January 3, 2012 Those who do not understand the dynamics of this industry will find themselves operating significantly behind their competition Looking for a Successful Rypple in Human Capital Management
December 21, 2011 It's an interesting move as Salesforce continues to surprise the market with its progressive applications of social...

SAP Aims to be More Cloudy and Mobile in 2012 and Beyond
December 20, 2011 SAP has shifted its priorities to the cloud and mobility at the right time to attract more customer commitment and market...

NICE to Acquire Merced Systems for Excellence in Customer Service and Sales
December 7, 2011 NICE made a wise investment in acquiring Merced Systems, considering the company’s profitability, growth, products and...

SAP Spends Big on SuccessFactors for Cloud Computing and Talent Management
December 6, 2011 SAP should be realistic in its expectations on what it can achieve with SuccessFactors in the human capital management market

Kronos Puts Workers and Managers in Touch
November 14, 2011 Some providers believe either that their products require explanation or that they might provide competitors insight into...

Workday Rising While Oracle Sleeps in the Clouds
November 1, 2011 Workday is building a better version of PeopleSoft the second time around, and its private club approach clearly is working...

Marketing Executives Aren’t Ready for the Social Explosion of Data
October 27, 2011 A review of studies in big data and analytics show organizations taking steps forward in their management and use of...

SuccessFactors Takes Learning to a New Plateau
October 20, 2011 The provider improved the depth of its analytics with its acquisition of YouCalc and Inform and now offers both stand-alone...

Visier Is a New Force in Workforce Analytics
October 12, 2011 In the last year some software vendors have been developing a new generation of workforce analytics that leaves pie and bar...

Is Oracle Social Network Worth a Look?
October 7, 2011 Oracle could be heading down the same path Microsoft took over the last decade in developing enterprise software products that...

Mercer Updates Total Compensation Management To Help Retain Talent
September 20, 2011 To retain talent, organizations must ensure that their workforce’s compensation is comparable to that of their industry...

Taleo Innovates Talent Management with Social Media and Mobile Computing
September 14, 2011 TM provider contrasts the approach of companies that bring their own collaboration and social environment products to market,...

Salesforce Presents New Social Enterprise with Chatter, Mobility and Data
September 2, 2011 Organizations should take this social enterprise seriously, and especially those that see social media as essential to their...

Get the Most from Dreamforce for Your Sales Force
August 31, 2011 The cloud CRM company has been concentrating in recent years more on application development, collaboration, mobility,...

Here’s What Marketers Should Do at Dreamforce
August 29, 2011 I hope to see Salesforce in the future put more focus on integrating marketing solutions and organize a place where marketing...

Can We Trust Hewlett-Packard?
August 22, 2011 Having cut off its investments in the mobility technology market, HP should not assume that it can prosper in the enterprise...

eThority 5 Brings Analytics to Life
August 17, 2011 Based on its built-in data integration and a range of platform and tool advancements, I expect eThority to find new...

SHRM Helps Socialize Human Resources
July 8, 2011 At conference that mixed Hollywood with HR, providers show strides in mobile and workforce analytics capabilities

Two Elephants Face Off: Hadoop and Oracle
July 1, 2011 Hortonworks launch is only the latest in a series of corporate moves around Hadoop as software providers position themselves...

PeopleFluent Brings New Face and Mobility to Talent Management
June 29, 2011 It's a critical time for the company as it seeks to change the dynamic of what is possible with a new generation of business...

Business Analysts, Take Control of Your Analytic Destiny
June 24, 2011 Instead of having silos of reports, dashboards, spreadsheets and other data points, organizations need unified analytics and...

Information Builders Advances Business Intelligence for Smartphones and Tablets
June 20, 2011 With highly accessible and scalable software, the long-time supplier of business intelligence and information management...

Pitney Bowes Committed to Customer Communications and Analytics
June 13, 2011 PB must strategically engage business leaders from marketing and customer organizations to determine how to improve...

SAP’s Opens Road for HANA and Big Data at SAPPHIRE NOW
May 27, 2011 SAP made it clear that HANA and the future integration with SAP NetWeaver BW are part of its new generation of applications...

SAP Brews New Human Capital Management for the Cloud
May 26, 2011 HR professionals who are using SAP ERP and HR applications should examine these plans and balance them against today’s...

The New Mobile SAP Evolves Stronger from Sybase Investment
May 23, 2011 SAP has made a significant commitment to mobility and is ahead of most of its peers as it brings to market a new portfolio of...

SAP’s New Management and Products Faces the Future at SAPPHIRE NOW
May 16, 2011 It is no easy task to change the culture of a global technology company, especially one that has a very demanding customer...

MarkLogic Revs Up Information Applications with New Energy and Leadership
April 29, 2011 The company has a large opportunity, as competing larger vendors like IBM, Oracle and SAP are focused on middleware and...

Datawatch Offers Shorter Path from Data to Information
April 25, 2011 Backed by a new CEO and opportunities for growth, Datawatch has made it easier to apply analytics to the data its tools bring...

The Agenda to Innovate and Maximize Revenue in Sales in 2011
April 18, 2011 Unfortunately, most in sales continue to do their business the way they always have, which is, in most cases, not the best way

HP’s New World Order According to Leo Apotheker
March 25, 2011 It won’t be enough to craft a fancy new marketing message around cloud computing; it will take a truly transformative...

SAS Institute: The Multi-Billion Dollar Business Analytics Supplier
March 11, 2011 The company's institute for the science of analytics will need to examine if it can expand beyond its comfort level and areas...

Human Concepts Brings Workforce Analytics, Mobility to the Cloud
March 7, 2011 Human Concepts faces direct competition in the talent management application market, but its new approach makes a breakthrough...

SAP Retrofits Business Intelligence and Information Management to meet IT and Business Needs
February 25, 2011 A market-oriented perspective on SAP’s announcements and how they stack up against five business technology innovations...

Talent Technology Makes Generating Talent Efficient and Social
February 23, 2011 As the race continues to attract customers and users to talent management software by presenting the most integrated suite of...

The Business Technology Revolution in 2011
February 22, 2011 The challenge for business now is to assess these new mobile computing platforms and their portfolios of applications,...

Informatica Focuses Integration on Lines of Business
February 9, 2011 Even with 2010 gains, there is opportunity here for Informatica to expand further its business and cloud computing efforts

Social Media Ignorance in the IT Analyst Industry
January 18, 2011 In this new media world, the relevance of analysts will be measured by their ability to assess and to state their views based...

SumTotal Provides Clarity in the New Year
January 7, 2011 After acquisition to start 2011, the challenge now for SumTotal Systems is to keep the existing silos of customers satisfied...

Callidus Muscles Up With ForceLogix – But Can It Step Up to the Plate?
January 3, 2011 To maximize its opportunities for growth, Callidus still has to expand, build and partner on sales applications

Secrets Behind’s Strategy
December 23, 2010 New initiatives in 2011 will provide new growth for salesforce, but also growing pains in protecting its core business and...

Can Your Sales Force Trust
December 20, 2010 You might ask why Salesforce has moved beyond the CRM focus and only makes incremental improvements to its SFA solution. The...

SAP Energizes CRM with Analytics and Interactions. But Will It Work?
December 14, 2010 SAP has to decide if it wants to be at the center of discussion and sales for the range of customer-related applications and...

SAP Elevates Enterprise Software Strategy
December 14, 2010 Company's annual summit reveals moves toward analytics, away from CRM

HP Gives Up on Business Intelligence, Analytics Markets
December 8, 2010 Coming in the middle of an executive transition, this will significantly change HP’s value for CIOs and IT organizations...

IBM Struts Its Software Solutions and Middleware Stuff
December 7, 2010 IBM needs to further refine how it dedicates experts to specific lines of business beyond marketing and finance and not just...

Kronos Goes for Usability and Mobility in New Releases
November 18, 2010 The company is adapting its applications for a new generation of needs from mobile workers and managers to simpler ways for an...

Microsoft Hopes for a Miracle With Windows Phone 7
November 12, 2010 No matter what statistics Microsoft brings up to distract us from reality, the company is desperately playing catch-up after...

Saba Dedicates Itself to People and Collaboration
November 10, 2010 The company realizes it cannot talk convincingly about the need for people to collaborate and introduce change unless it is...

IBM Brings Business Analytics and Information Management to Center Stage
November 9, 2010 Now, IBM must prove it understands the requirements of the lines of business and their processes - that demand is much larger...

Teradata Advances Analytics Across the Board
November 4, 2010 IBM, Oracle, SAP and SAS as billion dollar and larger companies each combine analytic computation and processing in the...

Plateau Brings Mobility to Talent Management and Simplifies Applications
November 2, 2010 It looks like 2011 will be a critical year for the company to see if it can break out of the pack and grow faster than others

iWay Software Connects Salesforce Chatter to the Enterprise
October 22, 2010 Excitement about Chatter is warranted, but the challenge is how to make existing systems and applications support it from an...

SuccessFactors Takes a Calculator into the Cloud?
October 21, 2010 I am not sure why SuccessFactors is calling this product a calculator; that label underplays the value of the software as well...

HR Technology Conference Brings Insight to Opportunity
October 11, 2010 The consolidation and product developments made HR Technology more exciting than in previous years. While the suppliers need...

Oracle Expands Its Playbook at OpenWorld
October 8, 2010 The momentum from OpenWorld enables Oracle to develop new streams of revenue, which were on display in offerings such as a new...

Sneak Preview and Analysis: Oracle Fusion Applications for Human Capital Management
September 27, 2010 Although this application suite is not ready for sale to the public yet, Oracle Fusion Applications for HCM has many new...

Analysis: Oracle Fusion Applications for CRM and Sales Organizations
September 27, 2010 Since Oracle acquired Siebel a few years ago, it has advanced CRM through its own products and those acquired with PeopleSoft,...

Talent Management Market Contracts Further as SumTotal Acquires Softscape
September 23, 2010 Among a trio of acquisitions, which overall results in fewer but stronger software companies providing applications that...

IBM Makes Major Buy in Analytics Market with Netezza
September 22, 2010 The main challenge for IBM is to learn from the expertise Netezza has built in software and hardware technology for both large...

ActuateOne Advances Information Platform with Analytics, BI
September 16, 2010 After a trio of new releases, now is the time to take a look at Actuate

Oracle Hopes Mark Hurd Brings New Herd of Business
September 10, 2010 The impact of hiring Hurd could be strong, as Oracle is serious about using the server and storage technology acquired with...

ADP Acquires Workscape to Consolidate Talent Management Market
September 7, 2010 This acquisition, along with two others in the last week, demonstrates the volatility of the software industry for HR...

Kenexa Advances in Talent Management and Saves
September 2, 2010 For Kenexa this acquisition will fill a compensation software gap in its portfolio

Infopia Launches Retail Analytics for E-Business
August 31, 2010 The rapid evolution of business on the Internet has dramatically changed many organizations’ strategies for growth and...

Operational Intelligence Gets A Boost
August 26, 2010 eg solutions part of trend toward real-time, contextual OI

Workforce Analytics is Easy and Simple with Accero
August 20, 2010 To apply analytics effectively to talent management processes in HR and also support the finance and operations management...

IBM Antes Up for Marketing Applications by Acquiring Unica
August 16, 2010 In a second move indicating its seriousness about competing in the market for marketing software, IBM announced its offer to...

HP Scandal Reflects on Enterprise Software Issue
August 12, 2010 HP needs to do something to liven up its profile in enterprise software and demonstrate it has the determination and...

Taleo Brings New Intelligence to Talent Management
August 9, 2010 Taleo has been steadily growing as a provider of talent management by offering its applications and platform through SaaS. Now...

Will Cloud Computing Finally Bring Innovation to the Contact Center?
August 2, 2010 It would be truly exciting if cloud-based solutions finally enable companies to improve customer service to the levels many of...

Adapting and Planning Your Way Out of the Recession
July 30, 2010 The first step in finding your way out of this recession is replacing desktop spreadsheets in your planning process with a...

SAS Helps Companies Make Sense of Social Media Comments
July 26, 2010 We have a situation where both companies and consumers are experimenting with social media, but no one is sure how this new...

Infor24 Makes Applications Simpler to Acquire and Integrate
July 20, 2010 Infor24 is an important step for customers as well as the company in balancing support for different ways to acquire software

Infrastructure and Analytics Power Oracle BI 11g to New Levels
July 12, 2010 Oracle will have to demonstrate that it can execute as the global war for business intelligence supremacy in revenue and...

MicroStrategy Mobile BI is Simpler on Apple
July 7, 2010 The robust support for Apple by MicroStrategy is a smart step forward

Hadoop Gets Easier with Cloudera Version 3
July 1, 2010 Cloudera will try to ride the Hadoop wave, and it will be interesting to see how far the company can advance with new customer...

Research Finds New Adoption and Interest in Mobile Business Intelligence
June 28, 2010 Organizations that embrace mobile business intelligence for business purposes will likely become more efficient and places...

IBM’s Advances Business Analytics and Optimization in First Year
June 22, 2010 Looking ahead, IBM needs to boost its business analytics and optimization marketing efforts to demonstrate that its software...

Information Applications is a New Technology Category Designed for Business and IT
June 18, 2010 Information applications, acquired in a finished format or built through a platform and set of tools, will help organizations...

Plateau Advances Talent Management in the Cloud
June 16, 2010 Savvy HR organizations have been renting a new generation of talent management applications through software as a service in a...

Merced Systems Customer Summit Advances Sales and Customer Service Organizations
June 14, 2010 If Merced Systems advances continue, it could become the next in terms of bringing performance management to...

Softscape Demonstrates Leadership in Managing Talent with New Release
June 8, 2010 This new release addresses needs in learning, succession, coaching and analytics and is one of the leading integrated...

Do You Have Data Validation? DVO Software Does
May 27, 2010 While you might think that you have done everything you can to improve and automate data-related tasks, this product might...

QlikView Capitalizes on Mobility and Flaunts Mobile Access to SAP
May 21, 2010 Mobility of BI should help QlikView build its business

Pitney Bowes Business Insight Takes Its Business and Location Intelligence into the Cloud
May 13, 2010 Pitney Bowes Business Insight is in transition to embrace cloud computing and make insights from location that can be readily...

DataTalent Is the New Player in Workforce Analytics
May 7, 2010 While there are skilled professionals in HR, the reports and analysis they have to work with often are not timely or efficient...

IBM Casts Iron for Cloud Computing Application Integration
May 6, 2010 Let's see if IBM can successfully leverage this acquisition to engage with public and private computing environments

Performance Management Is a Business Process That Requires Dedicated Applications
May 3, 2010 Performance management should be an integral part of how the organization functions, not only a tool for evaluating the...

Can Aster Data be the new Teradata – or Even More?
April 29, 2010 Aster Data is clearly one of the vendors to watch in the data market and it could become a significant player for the larger...

Health Care Needs an Analytics Overhaul – Today
April 27, 2010 There is no doubt that the health care industry has significant room for improvement, but the question is whether the...

Analytics Help Hospitality Industry Thrive
April 26, 2010 Analytics can help maximize the value of services in hospitality by balancing spend in marketing, sales, staffing and...

Applying Analytics to All Levels of Government
April 22, 2010 The need for analytics in government agencies and across the public sector should be obvious

Microsoft Fills Up Database with New Technology
April 21, 2010 Can new technologies in the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 prove the company is ready to take on the highly competitive CEP, MDM...

Consumer Goods Companies Need Analytics to Compete
April 16, 2010 To optimize consumer brand recognition and profitability, companies must re-examine their current analytic processes

Analytics in Retail: An Operational and Financial Mandate
April 15, 2010 It is important to remember that you cannot take only a general or industry specific approach to improving retail analytics;...

Business Intelligence - Be Methodical and Trust Not the Dots
April 13, 2010 I would encourage you to take a new look at your existing business intelligence approach to ensure that it's still the best...

Marketing Analytics Measures Effectiveness of Investments for Market and Business Objectives
April 9, 2010 This focus on analytics might seem obvious but alludes most marketing organizations

Pentaho Matures BI with Data Integration and Rapid Development
April 8, 2010 Pentaho has been advancing open source BI in the industry for some time and now challenges conventional vendors with its...

Business Analytics: It's Imperative to Improve Promptly
March 30, 2010 It should be self-evident that all organizations need to improve their processes and performance, but many have not adopted...

SymphonyIRI Hosts CPG Summit for Manufacturers and Retailers to Collaborate on Innovation
March 25, 2010 I traveled to the annual CPG Summit in San Antonio to get the latest on advancements in the industry and on analytics for...

HP Takes Technology Portfolio to the Clouds with New Growth Strategy
March 22, 2010 HP intends to be a player in cloud computing by providing technology that can easily be utilized virtually across the planet....

Actuate Goes Apple and Creates Information Platform for Cloud Computing
March 17, 2010 Mark Smiths assessment of Actuate's native iPhone application, which provides an interactive experience for navigating across...

HP Perseveres in Data Warehousing with Neoview
March 16, 2010 I had a chance to talk with the management and technology team of HP Neoview about their advancements over last six months and...

The Social Media Revolution in Industry Analyst Community
March 8, 2010 Social media collaboration is best assessed through measurement. Figuring out how to measure social media interactions and...

Jitterbit Streamlines Cloud Data Migration and Enterprise Integration
March 5, 2010 The role of data in most enterprises is straightforward, but making it readily available as needed is not

DataFlux Provides Enterprise Data Management for Business and IT
March 3, 2010 Research continues to show the challenges of integrating disparate tools for organizations and the need to automate key...

Right90 Shows the Right Way to a Trusted Forecast
February 22, 2010 For many organizations creating the sales forecast continues to be a manual process of intense labor and data manipulation...

Information Applications are Fast and Simple with Endeca
February 19, 2010 It’s important to understand how Endeca is trying to provide a range of information applications from across the...

IBM Advocates Information Governance with Products and Services
February 18, 2010 IBM's information governance leadership will be a influence to our industry in the coming decade as most organizations are...

The Sky is Bright for Informatica in Cloud Computing
February 11, 2010 For two years, Informatica has been advancing its data integration technologies to operate in computing environments outside...

New CEO Heads of SAP Anointed but More Change Needed to Adapt and Grow
February 9, 2010 SAP is not as aggressive or market-engaging as they have been in past years, but maybe organizational changes and shifts of...

IBM Initiates Deeper Healthcare Focus by Acquiring MDM from Initiate Systems
February 5, 2010 IBM has indicated their focus on using Initiate as a lever into healthcare and government industries and clearly will need to...

A New Decade and Technology Charter for Business and IT Starts in 2010
February 2, 2010 The year is underway and the optimism about using technology for business has a new decade mentality

Informatica is a New Master in MDM with Siperian Acquisition
February 1, 2010 Now, Informatica can advance the use of MDM within many areas of their business from data governance, cloud computing and...

Mark Logic Makes Information Applications a Simple Reality
January 25, 2010 The market for information applications is heating up and the demand is coming from line-of-business and vertical industries

IBM Lotus – Are They Ready for Your Business Collaboration Needs?
January 20, 2010 Let’s do a deep dive and discuss the current business and market environment and impact to IBM efforts in collaboration

New Year Technology Predictions Could Ruin Your Business
January 19, 2010 We need to be more pragmatic about technology predictions and focus on what we need to do to improve in iterative time cycles

Oracle Finds Silver in the Creek of Information Management
January 19, 2010 This industry activity validates an automated approach to discovering and matching data as part of organization's information...

Bedford Clicks Authoria Up a Notch of Talent with Peopleclick
January 11, 2010 Let’s see if 2010 is the year of the workforce and if Peopleclick can help organizations truly invest into the most...

A Last Look At The Naughty and the Nice
January 7, 2010 Before we shift our focus completely to 2010, it’s worth a last look back to consider all that was learned in 2009

Starview Advances Operational Intelligence with Analytics in Distributed CEP
December 28, 2009 I expect this new category of technology to be like business intelligence in the 90s, where the range of vendors and...

IBM Will Find Business Process Optimization with Acquisition of Lombardi Software
December 22, 2009 The unique element of Lombardi was their ability to help organizations gain visibility through their process models that can...

Actuate Brings Innovation to Performance Management
December 15, 2009 Advancements in business applications for performance management do not come very often in the industry but Actuate has one...

SAP Broadcasts New Enterprise Software and Applications Strategy
December 9, 2009 SAP made it clear that they would like to eliminate the three letter acronym soup of the past and focus on the line of...

Cloud9 Analytics Make Sales Pipelines Deliver Results
December 7, 2009 Sales opportunities are continuously updated but the impact of those changes to the sales forecast and overall financial...

Plateau Provides a Suite for Workforces to Become Best Talent
December 3, 2009 The main challenge and opportunity for Plateau is to demonstrate the value of their integrated suite of applications and...

Splunk Expands IT Search into Information Applications
November 25, 2009 A technology vendor named Splunk has come to market with a solution to index volumes of log files and provide search and...

Salesforce Chatter Brings Social Collaboration and Media into Business
November 20, 2009 Salesforce steps into the business and social collaboration market where most would not expect

IBM Elevates MDM and PIM by Integrating Content and Analytics
November 17, 2009 Gaining better consistency and quality of information is what IT needs to be addressing more than consolidating BI as the...

Informatica Brings Business and IT Together for Your Data in Version 9
November 11, 2009 Informatica has advanced their efforts with support for business and IT collaboration, pervasive data quality and SOA-based...

Kronos Guides Workforce Software Across Generations
November 10, 2009 Kronos introduced the next generation of workforce management that will dramatically improve the usability of its new releases...

SAP Promotes Value of EPM and GRC at SAP Reporting Conference
November 3, 2009 The SAP enterprise performance management and governance, risk and compliance solution is a refreshing approach that...

IBM Mashes Information and Analytics to Support Information Accessibility
October 30, 2009 IBM announced a new version of IBM Mashup Center that will simplify the assembly and publishing of information across a...

IBM Fuses New Generation of Analytics for Deeper Business Optimization
October 28, 2009 IBM largest challenge with their software investments will be to continue to simplify them and connect with those in line of...

IBM Doubles Down Again on Information Agenda at Annual Conference
October 27, 2009 At IBM Information on Demand in Las Vegas, the conference started today to introduce the latest insight to the fastest growing...

Teradata Steps Up Version 13 into Cloud Computing and New Appliance
October 20, 2009 Teradata announced their advancement into cloud computing called Teradata Enterprise Analytics Cloud, providing a range of...

Larry Ellison Stumps Oracle Exadata and Fusion Applications with California Governor
October 19, 2009 In this year’s keynote Ellison briefly discussed Linux and their efforts to drive neutrality in operating systems though...

Immature Planning Processes on Display at Oracle OpenWorld
October 16, 2009 When it comes to planning and budgeting, the gap between what’s possible and what companies actually do is still wide

Oracle Complex Event Processing Advances Operational Intelligence
October 14, 2009 At Oracle OpenWorld the focus on Oracle Complex Event Processing was quietly demonstrated in educational sessions how this...

Oracle OpenWorld Sunday Night Opener Highlights Technology Game
October 13, 2009 Better than the massive defeats by the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raider football games in the bay area on Sunday was the...

Liaise Cures Business Interaction Chaos with Microsoft Outlook
October 8, 2009 It is not often that there are technologies that make you rethink your current methods of how you work and the tasks that you...

HR Tech Brings New Products but HR Budgets May Limit Potential
October 6, 2009 At this year’s HR Tech in Chicago a broad range of new software products for human resources professional to address...

IT Analyst Firms Continue Confusion on GRC
October 1, 2009 Be forewarned that as you read analyst reports on GRC that they are a small component of what you will need to address a range...

SuccessFactors and Business Execution Software: Confusing or Confused?
September 28, 2009 It is up to SuccessFactors to see if they can make something of this new category and focus in business execution and what...

Vertica Advances Analytics through Sophistication and Simplification
September 16, 2009 The growing volumes of data from the Internet and enterprise placing pressure to gain better insights on a more frequent basis...

Synygy Simplifies Mobility of Sales Performance Management
September 14, 2009 Synygy's new set of capabilities will help organization address the sales and revenue performance priorities and drive new...

Informatica Acquires Agent Logic and Enters Operational Intelligence Market
September 4, 2009 Logically this acquisition expands Informatica beyond data integration into event integration

myDials Optimizing Operational Performance Like No Other
September 2, 2009 It has been some time since I advanced the definition and focus of operational performance management over eight years ago

Destroy the Web Site and Build Your Business on the Internet
August 28, 2009 Now as an entire business needs to operate on the Internet the responsibility for business and IT executive’s leadership...

eThority Provides Intuitive Analytics and Insights for Business
August 24, 2009 The unique aspects of eThority are the usability and interactivity, which makes their analytics more intuitive and relevant...

M-Factor Provides Analytics and Planning for Trade Spending and Pricing Optimization
August 20, 2009 Consumer packaged goods companies spend enormous of time and money to optimize their penetration of brands within their...

Information Applications: New Generation of Information Technologies
August 14, 2009 The technology for information applications will continue to evolve and become one of the fastest growing software categories

Does Your Supply Chain Have Location Intelligence?
August 11, 2009 Most manufacturing and services organizations have driven their supply chain processes to be lean and are now looking at the...

IBM Boldly Elevates Analytics with Acquisition of SPSS
July 28, 2009 IBM now can empower new classes of analytic solutions with SPSS that go well beyond the traditional business intelligence...

Actuate Steps Forward to Power Information Applications
July 17, 2009 Actuate must take some credit for their work to date and be aggressive in what they can help organizations deploy easily with...

CIO Strategies Require Cloud Computing
July 9, 2009 IT needs to fully engage in IT performance management and document their strategies and scenarios to determine the best...

Is CRM Technology a Legacy or Innovative Investment?
July 7, 2009 Do your existing CRM investments work well and, if you replace them, will they just be a legacy investment?

BI SaaS Vendors Struggle to Survive and Some Do Not
June 25, 2009 The market for BI might seem rosy for most in the industry. While some analyst firms predict significant growth, most of us...

Are Your Customer Metrics and Business Intelligence Good Enough?
June 22, 2009 As I have dug into improving customer satisfaction, the question I ask myself is that although this seems like a laudable...

Information Builders Rocks Nashville with Business Intelligence and More
June 17, 2009 At the Information Builders 2009 Summit in Nashville music and technology came together to present innovation and practical...

SPSS: Analytics Force in Customer Experience Management
June 4, 2009 Behind a fairly generic name is SPSS's new version of their enterprise feedback management technology, which in my opinion is...

Pitney Bowes Introduces Portfolio of Business Insights Technology
June 3, 2009 After a day behind closed doors with executives I got a deeper appreciate for the portfolio of technologies today and in the...

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