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Art Petty is a Chicago-based management consultant focusing on strategy and leadership development. Art regularly speaks on innovation in management and leadership, and his work is reflected in two books, including the recent, "Leadership Caffeine-Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development." Art publishes regularly at The Management Excellence blog at Prior to his solo career, Art spent 20+ years leading marketing sales and business units in systems and software organizations around the globe. You can follow Art on twitter: @artpetty and he can be reached via email at

Recent Stories From this Author

What Frequency are You Broadcasting On?
October 10, 2014 A leaderís frequency is the invisible but palpable energy and unspoken message that he or she clearly broadcasts on about...

In Challenging Times, Keep Fear and Failure Outside Looking In
September 30, 2014 Managers must strike fear out of the organization. Here are six ideas to keep fear and failure on the outside looking in

The Pursuit of Excellence is a Choice
September 24, 2014 Too few managers and management teams talk about what it means to promote a culture of business performance excellence in and...

Donít Set Artificial Limits on Employee Involvement
September 15, 2014 Six ideas to jump-start improved employee involvement

The Struggles Really Do Make Us Stronger
September 8, 2014 Your struggles and even your failures are important elements of who you are as a leader.

Managing Effectively is Hard, Good Work
August 25, 2014 The work of the effective manager builds bridges, moves mountains and brings great big dreams to life.

Beware the Lure of Strategy in a Box Approaches
August 18, 2014 Donít sacrifice the rigor of the work and the accountability to key questions when developing strategy

5 Ways to Adjust Your Attitude and Improve Performance
August 6, 2014 Thereís a profound difference between showing up and showing up with the right attitude.

In Praise of Mistakes Made for the Right Reasons
July 29, 2014 The true test of your leadership character isnít measured by the absence of mistakes, but rather by the mistakes made in...

Three Questions To Help Cultivate Your Leadership Style
July 15, 2014 Provocative questions that to shift focus from results at all costs to results through supporting and developing others.

How to Respond When the Experiment Goes Wrong
July 3, 2014 Three counter-intuitive (and effective) responses to a failed initiative

In Searching for Talent, Emphasize Potential
June 25, 2014 Talent is the difference-maker in this world, and identifying, securing and developing the right talent is arguably the most...

Managers: Beware Becoming Part of the Drama
June 10, 2014 The best thing you can do for yourself, your team and your firm is to offer empathy and flexibility within reason, however...

Managers: Your Job is to Clear the Path
May 28, 2014 Stop and remind yourself daily that your core job is to help clear the path for those doing the heavy lifting.

Learn to Recognize Your Strengths
May 19, 2014 Four reasons why we struggle to see our own professional strengths

What to Do When the Mistakes Donít Go Away
May 12, 2014 Guidance on responding to inevitable mistakes in the workplace

Prosper by Making Time Every Day to Just Think
May 8, 2014 Productive un-busyness is the root source of ideas and connections between ideas

Why Workplace Teams Struggle - And What to Do About It
April 30, 2014 Great teams are products of very deliberate work to form the environment for success

Sometimes You Have to Slow Down to Go Faster
April 22, 2014 Coping with speed places huge pressure on top management to clarify strategies and goals

Shiny Objects and the Senior Management Team
April 15, 2014 One of the value-killers found inside many organizations is the out of control pursuit of too many new initiatives

Cultivate Your Project Leadership Skills
April 1, 2014 Understanding the discipline and tools of project management is now de rigueur for professionals with any intention of growing...

Use Daily Conversations to Promote Development
March 25, 2014 Rather than keeping professional development talk locked in the annual performance review, try frequent ďon the flyĒ...

5 Radical Ideas to Help You Find Focus at Work
March 20, 2014 A typical day in most workplaces is one unending series of large and small distractions that combine to keep most of us from...

5 Common Sense Ideas for Growing Your Power at Work
March 10, 2014 You neither require a promotion nor do you need to plot and claw your way to the next level to grow your power

Managing and Developing the Extraordinary
March 4, 2014 Four suggestions for managing and developing the gifted individuals on your team

Breakaway Leadership: 8 Ways You Can Build Success
February 24, 2014 Behaviors and approaches for building something new while managing the existing business

Exploring Breakaway Leadership, Part 1
February 11, 2014 Some of the behaviors that supported a failure to Breakaway

What the Boss Learns About You in Every Conversation
February 4, 2014 The best managers work in a perpetual mode of talent scouting

9 Key Skills Demanded By Our Times
January 27, 2014 Critical capabilities required to lead successfully in today's business environment

At Least 10 Managers You Donít Want to Meet On Your Journey
January 21, 2014 A list of lousy leaders and managers

When did Passion for Your Work Become Passť?
January 14, 2014 Passion never goes out of style in the workplace

5 Priceless Lessons from Amundsen and Scott
January 7, 2014 The comparison and contrast between Amundsenís approach and Scottís is fascinating and highly relevant to leading initiatives...

A Leaderís Resolutions are Calendar Blind
January 2, 2014 As a leader, you cannot afford to fall victim to the boom and bust cycle of annual resolutions

Focus, Identity and the High-Performance Management Team
December 16, 2013 Two critical challenges that CEOs and senior managers must overcome and five ideas for jump-starting team development

In Pursuit of the High-Performance Senior Management Team, Part 1
December 11, 2013 It's useful to explore some of the common areas where senior management teams flail and fail

6 Key Decision Areas that Shape You as a Leader
December 3, 2013 As you navigate your career, be prepared to stand up and be counted on these challenging issues

Too Much Time with the Wrong People
November 12, 2013 Invest like crazy in those who want to grow and develop. Just donít spend too much time with the wrong people

Experiment More and Prosper
October 15, 2013 In many environments, it seems that weíve routinized creativity in leading and managing key activities and developing talent...

Just One Thing — Leader: To Thine Own Self Be True
October 9, 2013 Leaders find it liberating to cultivate their own style and not force themselves to fit into a template for what makes a...

The Tough Questions Great Managers Constantly Ask Themselves
September 23, 2013 9 challenging questions that every manager must hold himself or herself accountable to asking and answering

The Leitmotif of Effective Leadership
September 17, 2013 What recurring messages become the sounds of success?

Put More Context in Your Conversations
September 9, 2013 6 habits of effective leaders when it comes to providing context

Art of Managing — Balancing the Need for Speed AND Performance
August 22, 2013 Managers need to be aggressive and realistic about what to take on and how it should be done

Focus on the Fundamentals
August 20, 2013 The fundamentals of leadership never go out of style

Coping When a Valued Protégé Says Goodbye
July 30, 2013 Rather than dwelling on the departure of the valued team member, focus on the many positives surrounding this issue

Helping Your Team Find and Keep Focus
July 22, 2013 Daily extra effort to reinforce focus and help people regularly recalibrate will contribute to noticeably stronger performance...

Managers, Have You Thought of Everything?
July 9, 2013 The answer is literally impossible, but pumps the brakes on snap, sloppy decisions

How to Define Your Professional Value
July 1, 2013 Ditch the jargon and sell your talents with these six ideas

Keeping Leadership on Course
June 24, 2013 A slight drift and your team can end up far from its destination

Smells Like Team Spirit
June 12, 2013 Six ideas to develop high-performance management groups

Move from Miserable to Motivated
June 3, 2013 5 ways to beat boredom and complacency for a happier career

Executive Briefings: Succeed from the Start
May 28, 2013 10 tips to prepare and shine as the center of attention

Set Your Strategy Free
May 15, 2013 Quick-hit ideas to communicate and execute on C-suite plans

Learning to be a Leader, the Hard Way
May 13, 2013 10 personal discoveries about heading up teams

8 Ideas to Kick Mediocrity to the Curb
May 6, 2013 Management plays a critical role in the pursuit of the extraordinary

Dear Boss: You Talk Too Much
April 29, 2013 A playful letter to get talkative leaders to listen

Business Behaviors That Get the Job Done
April 15, 2013 “70-Percenters” make noise at the start, but closing out projects takes a special breed of professionals

How to Create a Culture of Accountability
April 11, 2013 Lousy performance often linked to unaccountable teams, leaders

5 Ideas to Accelerate Leadership Development
April 1, 2013 Speed doesn’t kill when it comes to molding new managers

Don’t Plan for Perfection
March 25, 2013 Risks known and unknown are part of the project management flow

Characters Wanted: Fostering Varied Project Management Teams
March 18, 2013 Four common PM leadership mistakes to avoid

In Mobile Workforce Debate, Fixing the Wrong Problems
March 11, 2013 Yahoo!, Best Buy CEO changes miss larger opportunities

Surviving the Sudden Promotion
February 25, 2013 Sometimes, management is thrust upon us. Here are ideas to thrive in your new role

Hand Fear a Pink Slip
February 15, 2013 Managers have an arsenal to enhance workplace esteem and drive out “monsters”

Hey Leaders! Listening Isn’t Easy, But It’s Essential
February 11, 2013 We create barriers to active listening and our performance suffers

Is Your Boss an Intense Leader? Or Just a Jerk?
February 4, 2013 Four ways that intensity can engage a group, without all the volume

Who is the Decision Coach on Your Business Team?
January 31, 2013 These 6 habits keep businesses on the winning side of projects and challenges

Leadership is a Contact Sport
January 7, 2013 11 tips for active team management

How to Stick With a Professional Development New Year’s Resolution
January 2, 2013 7 simple ideas to build “muscle” in 2013

Hold On! The Patient Path to Better Choices
December 27, 2012 Even impatient managers can lead teams with these 6 examples

Are You Stuck on the Whiteboard?
December 10, 2012 7 ideas to direct discussion toward project activity

Build Credibility through Confidence and Clarity
December 3, 2012 Raw materials for your success as a leader include: people’s perception of your self-confidence and their perception of...

Learn to Guide Group Discussions for Better Results
November 27, 2012 Seven common group discussion pitfalls and how to avoid them

5 Ways to Rethink Performance
November 19, 2012 Routines can quickly become ruts, a danger when change is the order of the day

When People Derail Performance
November 12, 2012 When to say “enough” and three things a leader should never do

Who’s Right? Who Cares, if You’re on the Right Path
November 5, 2012 6 approaches toward a shared, successful direction

How to Maximize Workplace Discussions
October 31, 2012 These 14 ideas can add value and efficiency to group talks

Leadership That is Contrary to Popular Opinion
October 29, 2012 Own the tough choices and don’t delay on action

A Vote for Constructive Office Politics
October 24, 2012 Pursuit of resources, budgets and personal power know no election season

5 Ideas to Reboot Your Leadership Drive
October 15, 2012 Growth starts with the recognition that you own the problem and control the solution

Trust Your Gut? Not So Fast …
October 9, 2012 3 situations for “quality checks” on leadership instincts

How to Prosper During Change
October 1, 2012 There’s opportunity in upheaval, and the chance you’ll get run over by standing still

Culture That Keeps Strategy Off the Menu
September 26, 2012 5 ways to leverage today’s business with tomorrow’s opportunity

Don’t Relax After Leadership Victories
September 20, 2012 Take a cue from Kipling and always manage toward the future

It’s Not Your Leadership, It’s the Cause
September 17, 2012 Anything less than a clear, galvanizing, shared cause, promotes compliance-type performance and typically mediocre results....

Dare to Rewrite the Rules
September 13, 2012 IBM, Apple and others throw out the old playbook and change the game to win

Are You Making Management Too Complex?
September 10, 2012 8 paths toward simpler processes

How to Thrive in High-Pressure Conversations
September 4, 2012 You need to be ready to succeed in high value/high risk situations

Finding the Right Talent for the Job
August 27, 2012 8 creative cures for acquiring solid team members

Want Fresh Ideas? Start with ‘What If …’
August 17, 2012 Big idea hunters in business view problems, challenges and even the status quo as giant invitations to change, emblazoned in...

5 Ways to Promote an Outside-In View
August 13, 2012 Effective leaders strive to gain the critical context of customers, competitors, suppliers and partners

The Management Upside of Mistakes
August 7, 2012 6 suggestions for leadership gains from errors

How to Be Twice the Leader
July 31, 2012 Claremont expert finds Japanese art broadens business base

Get Better at What You Do
July 24, 2012 One simple question gives peek into leadership, character

Lincoln, Leadership and Regretful Emails
July 13, 2012 Fun look at how a great president may have handled a modern woe

Senior Management Myths and Realities
July 9, 2012 And 5 suggestions for dealing with them

Strategic Planning as a Career Builder
July 3, 2012 7 ideas to enhance personal opportunities during this heavy workload

Should You Hire Outside Your Industry?
June 26, 2012 5 benefits, 4 risks of non-traditional employees

Workplace Peers Boost Team Performance
June 19, 2012 12 Must-Do’s for Strong Workplace Peer Relationships

Are You a Leadership Anthropologist?
June 11, 2012 8 topics to observe and learn from on your way to building better interactions

Customer Service Hell and the Leaders Behind It
June 4, 2012 The contrast between organizations where employees are engaged, happy to be there and happy to serve and organizations where...

Management Without Authority
May 29, 2012 Integrator leaders stoke innovation, motivate teams

The Faces of Performance
May 21, 2012 Aetna, Mayo Clinic and Frontier customer experience reflections

Out with the Old Business Routine
May 15, 2012 5 suggestions to change up the same-old routine

7 Tips for High-Performing Teams
May 7, 2012 Efforts are nice, but ultimately, you are evaluated on the results of your team, not the amount of work you put into achieving...

Organizational Politics: Keep Your Guard Up
April 30, 2012 7 Ways to Play Organizational Politics and Keep Your Integrity

Put Your Best Ears Forward
April 25, 2012 Active listening gives those around you the chance to breath life into plans, relationships

Cultivating the Right Business Skills
April 16, 2012 7 ideas to promote better matrix leadership

Break the Business Routine
April 9, 2012 5 easy, inexpensive ways to keeps a team out of a rut

Tech Buying to Solve Customer Problems
April 2, 2012 Do you know what your clients really need?

Breeding Successful Teams
March 29, 2012 The leaders, principles and pursuit of high-performance groups

6 Reasons to Skip Group Happy Hour
March 26, 2012 No moralizing here, but there are better ways to bond with your team

Supporting High-Performance Teams
March 22, 2012 Development takes energy, engagement and some science

Bosses: Stop Doing These 10 Things
March 19, 2012 Fresh suggestions for lingering management habits

4 Reasons to Kill Your Weekly Status Meeting
March 12, 2012 Create a culture where people meet spontaneously when the stakes are ideas, innovation and solving problems that impact...

8 Ideas for Navigating Leadership Mistakes
March 7, 2012 The true test of your leadership character is measured by what you do moving forward

Systems Thinking Meets Platform Strategy and Social Media
March 5, 2012 Nike+ program hints at marketing nirvana

Pricing Traps and Customer Disservice
March 2, 2012 A tongue-in-cheek rant on business marketing and promotions

12 Shots of Leadership Espresso
February 27, 2012 Get the small stuff right regularly and the big things will be a little easier to navigate

When a Team Has Failed
February 21, 2012 Business can benefit from more time, fresh challenges

Get Invested in Developing Your New Leaders
February 13, 2012 8 things you can do to start supporting first-time leaders more effectively

Management Innovation on Main Street
February 8, 2012 For small businesses, agility is survival

Teach Your Team Smart(er) Decision Processes
February 6, 2012 A bit of deliberate effort to strengthen the decision-process goes a long way towards minimizing or mitigating the impact of...

Strategy-Toward Hypotheses, Experiments, Involvement & Learning
January 31, 2012 Many firms practice a style of strategic planning that might have worked in a different time and place

Change or Learn to Say, “Would You Like Fries with That?”
January 29, 2012 Much of the pablum that is passed off for guidance on leading others ignores the reality that the context in which we lead...

10 Places Where Management Teams Misstep on Strategy
November 8, 2011 For those who are courageous enough to do the heavy lifting for business strategy, here are some pitfalls and speed bumps to...

Escaping the Gravitational Pull of the Past
October 5, 2011 The corporate history books are filled with great names of firms who failed to adapt and change with the times

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