Ted Cuzzillo

Ted Cuzzillo is a data-industry journalist and researcher with a longtime interest in storytelling for sales and marketing, news, and cons. He writes for Information Management and other industry publications and for his weblog, Datadoodle. Have you got a story or thoughts about them? Email story@datadoodle.com.

Recent Stories From this Author

Business Intelligence for the Other 80 Percent
April 3, 2015 Why hasnít business intelligence penetrated more than about 20 percent of business users? Here are clues and potential paths...

Storytelling: Gimmick or Real and Potent?
September 11, 2014 Data is born out of observations and stories, not the other way around

Cue the Data Storytellers: The Data Industryís Next Big Stars
May 20, 2014 What good is data if it canít shape a story and inspire conversation? Now that dataís coming alive, itís about to find new...

ďSexyĒ Data Science is a Team Sport
January 6, 2014 Data scientist may be the term of the year, while itís fresh. But there's more to it than just a buzzword

Return on Ignorance: The Highest form of ROI
September 26, 2013 ROI is the crux of the matter, but what's its impact on inspiring a culture of innovation?

Stay Tuned: Big Data’s Big Hits are Coming
December 28, 2012 Big data calls on imagination more than technology

Thinking Differently About Decision Support
October 27, 2011 We struggle with questions on supporting decisions, yet what most of the BI industry offers is data, big data, fast data and...

Lost Cats and BI
October 12, 2011 At some point, natural selection takes over. People, departments and organizations that use data poorly tend to fail while the...

Don’t Call it BI
September 29, 2011 Don’t bother me with petty distinctions between BI, analytics and decision support. I want meaning, not tools for their...

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