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Jim Ericson is editor emeritus of Information Management. Follow him on Twitter at @jimericson.

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Next Stop’s Mine
January 28, 2013 Heartfelt thanks as I say goodbye to Information Management

Data Services Verticalization in 2013
January 22, 2013 New generation application platforms and standalone providers could beat up consultants, hasten internal processes of governance

Mobile is BI’s Big Stick
December 10, 2012 Driven by demand and encompassing cloud, analytics, collaboration, there’s widespread agreement about mobility apps...

Seriously, What is PaaS?
November 20, 2012 Saugatuck panel looks at platform as a service as more than developer tools

Cooks, Chefs and IT
November 12, 2012 Now that so many are information technology experts, time to see who will own it

Data Governance: Cost of Doing Business?
October 19, 2012 If SMEs spend on average 30 percent of their time on governance, maybe it needs to be on the ledger

What is Big Data Proficiency?
October 15, 2012 Technology is one thing, business execution is another; MIT profs see “embarrassing gap”

Google and Other Stalkers
September 25, 2012 As public and private lives merge, algorithmic segmentation can be an unhappy thing

Big Data As You Go
August 28, 2012 Gartner recasts the future of APIs and a data services economy, a topic near and dear to my heart

Social Analytic Push and Pull
August 9, 2012 Organizations all need to get started somewhere and will discover opportunities they had never been aware of through social...

Big Data Point Counterpoint II
August 2, 2012 At TDWI, Demarest, Madsen repeat their geeky mock trial of big data versus the good old days

Revisiting Information’s ROI
July 31, 2012 Time to value, total cost of investment, benchmarking are relevant, but health care is demonstrating success can depend on...

Your Data is Big Enough
July 23, 2012 Converging tech trends have painted “big data” in a corner by definition, but let’s roll with it

Philosophical About Perfect Data
July 13, 2012 Readers agree multiple versions of truth, interpretation, correctness and lack thereof are all important

Living with Imperfect Data
June 29, 2012 Is a level of shared inaccuracy better than go it alone data management?

Will IT Set BI Free?
June 19, 2012 Will IT set BI free? With IT’s assignment a trap of complexity, it needs to strike a deal for self-service and surrender...

MDM Earns its Stripes
June 6, 2012 When hard projects that prioritize governance push through in uncertain times, you can expect they are important

Don’t Fail Your Mobility App
June 1, 2012 Careful attention to information usability and utility will win IT many friends and admirers, failure will perpetuate the...

Halos and Horns of the CIO
May 23, 2012 With ongoing change a given, IT’s leaders wrangle risk and opportunity; MIT’s CIO Symposium reveals both sides of...

Lighting the Borders of Information Management
May 11, 2012 Horizontal approaches to data governance, business process modeling can make the components of EIM more real and whole

Data Governance in Context
April 27, 2012 Ungoverned data is okay when you know how and why you use it; consider the “service broker” IT mentality

Big Data: Bring Popcorn
April 11, 2012 Between anticipation and arrival, pending reality comes with a sideshow

In IT, More Needs to Be Less Too
April 4, 2012 Senior Gartner analyst says a simple reality of more new business ought to include less old business

Mainstreaming BI
March 26, 2012 Sprint’s MicroStrategy TV ad pitch to everyman’s data world is a great bit of product placement for business...

Big Data Rolls In, Pick a Wave
March 21, 2012 With use cases building, it’s time to hunt for projects to fit your needs and not worry about missing the boat

Thoughts on Geospatial
March 12, 2012 The power of the API, the location oriented app layer of big data and the hungry user/consumer

Vendor, Know Thy Cloud
February 28, 2012 A multinational technology vendor markets cloud at HIMSS conference, can't find anyone to explain it

Big Data Already Suspect
February 20, 2012 Marketers need to learn capabilities and boundaries quickly to manage ethically and avoid media meltdowns

BI Paths Old and New
February 16, 2012 As new terminology comes to bear on marketing noise, information managers might also get some new titles

Business Intelligence: What's in a Name?
February 7, 2012 We may be less patient but we're still trying to make better decisions

Your Personal Data Store
January 30, 2012 We are all increasingly destined to be bystanders to our own transactional existence

The Faster, Cheaper Side of IT
January 26, 2012 Economics, advances in RAM, main memory changing how companies transact, analyze data

Apps Overtaking Middleware
January 17, 2012 Race for analytic software confirmed by IBM's shift; Forrester's Bartels finds strongest growth in nontraditional,...

Arming the IT Rebels
January 11, 2012 Employers ponder, empower users moving job and life to Internet; organizations to spend $28 billion on Apple gear in 2013

Will Your New CIO Be a CMO?
January 4, 2012 Amid outsourcing trends, a Gartner analyst says chief marketing officers will spend more on IT than CIOs by 2017

How We Know IT Change is Real
December 27, 2011 We don't yet have an organizational response to a trend like big data; once we do, we'll know better know how big a shift is...

Does the Best Information Worker Arrive by Nature or Nurture?
December 13, 2011 It takes a mix of talents to thrive in the IT and information management world; we need to develop strengths and identify and...

Mobility Gets its Own Governance
December 5, 2011 If application creep has been a problem in enterprise software, mobile app development has already dwarfed that

GIS and Resource Management
November 22, 2011 While we stew over the consumer ramifications of geographic information systems, the technology is making a productive social...

Disruptive? That Depends
November 16, 2011 A panel of CIOs from defense, health care and entertainment industries have different views on the good and bad of emerging...

Being Analytically Relevant
November 11, 2011 An analytics trainer sent a simple message with a lot of impact to a conference of data managers; some got it and others didn't

EAS: A Blast From The Past
November 6, 2011 The Emergency Alert System gets its very first national test Wednesday afternoon, an information anachronism wrapped in deja vu

Big Data Point-Counterpoint
November 1, 2011 A pair of consultants square off in a mock debate that pokes fun at the tension and hype over the hottest topic in data...

IBM's Message is Pitch Perfect
October 26, 2011 Compare the pending CEO replacement to the circuses of its peers, and the silence is downright impressive

Be a Hero, Delete Something Today
October 24, 2011 Just like legacy business practices, apps and data are cluttering our infrastructure closets and basement

Business Intelligence Throws a Party
October 11, 2011 Next generation BI tools are built to integrate intellect at the same time as data; social, collaboration, mobility take data...

Dear HP: You Bought It, Now Own It
September 23, 2011 Let's hope HP's new interest in information management is something they can articulate better than they have so far

The Rise of Ungoverned Data
September 19, 2011 Business and IT can do a better job of self-preservation by admitting they've been avoiding one another, identifying what's...

MDM: No Roots, No Fruits
September 13, 2011 When confronting master data management and data governance, organizations find they’re missing requisite skills they...

MDM: It's Us AND Them
September 6, 2011 It's been tough to match the technology to the people/process approach to master data management, but leading up to our next...

Information Management Strikes Back
August 22, 2011 HP says so long to much of its hardware business and bets the farm on enterprise software and services

Tired Terms and Real Trends
August 17, 2011 We're seeing tighter connections among people and processes across business and IT; we just need the right way to express it

Managing Labor Productivity Like the NFL
August 2, 2011 An author and accountant says a salary cap approach to labor productivity and managing to profit instead of cost puts the best...

Governance is Relevant
July 26, 2011 Despite backlash from some quarters, governance of data and information is not a Kafkaesque nightmare; it is the process of...

Governance For Information Too?
July 15, 2011 Folks are spinning information governance as an extension of the data version, but right now it looks like a semantic trial...

Mobility's Big Bang
July 8, 2011 A vendor finds 82 percent of the Fortune 50 have deployed mobile apps; BI uptake problems should finally end when mainstream...

Cultural Transformation or Tribal Identification
July 4, 2011 Governance, social and collaborative momentum is about people gravitating to what they identify with, so go where the action is

MDM: Erratic, Pervasive or Both?
June 21, 2011 At MDM Summit, it's basics as usual, hard-won progress and hints of what happens if you believe master data management will go...

Riffing on Data Dualism
June 9, 2011 Tom Davenport, in an in-flight magazine between stops, sets up a little existential data pondering

Getting Better at Analytics
May 31, 2011 MIT CIO symposium finds companies rate themselves 4.5 on a scale of 10 and a panel is asked what to do about it; Schwab CIO...

Lean Information and Single Points of Failure
May 24, 2011 Managing risk in information is partly about monitoring and anticipating problems and partly about attaching value to what...

What Every CIO Should Know
May 18, 2011 MIT academic keynote panel at annual CIO Symposium locks in on security privacy and regulation vs. information opportunity

MIT Summit Gathers CIOs
May 16, 2011 With a full house of experts on hand, attendees who already have their hands full will likely look for validation and support...

Mainstreaming Cloud: Get Used To It
May 11, 2011 Saugatuck summit rolls out constructive uses of cloud tech in action, starting with a transformed old line corporation

MDM-Aware Apps
May 7, 2011 Vendors are dialing up master data in familiar applications for search, compliance, governance and more

Business Intelligence Buoyancy Restored
May 4, 2011 At Gartner BI conference, old school meets a new wave of topics few saw arriving just a couple of years ago

BI: Written in the Tablets
April 11, 2011 With no prompting from me, real-world execs at big companies are talking about the demand for take-it-to-work iPad or other...

Information Management As An Asset
April 5, 2011 We may never have a unified department to manage all information initiatives, but let's root for those who see it happening

Business Intelligence Crowd Appeal
March 30, 2011 Howard Dresner's followup survey could give a partial transitional snapshot on where BI is headed and how people view it now

Tremors in IT
March 15, 2011 Consultant Dave Wells has a good summation of trends we can expect will have rocked information technology five years from now

The Split Personality CIO
March 4, 2011 Ray Wang's research into organizational demands on chief information officers has led him to four archetypes

Fix Health Care: That’s an Order
February 23, 2011 At the HIMSS conference in Orlando, I met a CIO who goes to work in Army combat fatigues

Metadata Runs Amok
February 13, 2011 The volume of metadata is beginning to exceed the volume of primary data in some areas, according to a resident expert; time...

Communicate, Collaborate, Stay Warm
February 2, 2011 Like your trusty furnace sends up heat, email is still the main radiator for all the competing interests that want your time...

Tech Trends No Longer Linear
January 27, 2011 When large trends mature rapidly and combine, even longtime industry observers can be thrown off their game; sometimes, new...

A Home for Analytics
January 12, 2011 Some think we need a shotgun marriage for BI and analytics; others say they're better off as close friends

Home at the Office
January 6, 2011 With heads down already, information workers especially will increasingly come to know the good and bad of working where they...

CSI Info-Mgmt: Profiling Predictors 2011
December 28, 2010 Unlike yearly recaps, hot topic lists for next year say something about prognosticators, including our own

Information Managers Unite
December 14, 2010 Our first 25 Top manager event tells me it's time for us to create some kind of group and resource directory as an asset to...

A Holiday Data Parable
December 7, 2010 A story about how we filter data, how filters can make misinformation worse and a reminder that sensationalism can obscure...

New Business Demands Innate Skills
November 30, 2010 Rather than fret the data glut, managers need to socialize productively as collaborators and partners in the new distributed...

Passion For ... Data
November 23, 2010 It's good to remember that the pursuit of an idea is much more interesting than the latest fad or device

As Goes Governance...
November 1, 2010 Like corporate governance, data governance works in proportion to how well we deliver what we profess to embrace

Business + Information + Architecture
October 28, 2010 Here's a construct of parts that makes sense; so now let's uncover how it works and roll out some meaningful examples

Microsoft Office 365: It's a Cloud! (It's Really a Service)
October 20, 2010 The underlying architecture is new, but this is still a hosted application service and ASP is just so last year

Top 10 Ways to Fail at MDM
October 12, 2010 A reverse checklist can be useful for those that think they know it all going into an MDM project

MDM Marches On
October 5, 2010 New York Summit reveals growing maturity and renewed commitment in MDM in governance, CDI, PIM

Barbie Tech Without The Geek
September 29, 2010 Seriously, if kid pop culture predicts future zeitgeist, toy maker Mattel did us a good turn by paying attention to Computer...

Enterprise Apps By Design
September 21, 2010 The big software vendors survive maturity and burdens of scale by honoring the 80/20 rule and working with users

What's in a Title
September 2, 2010 CIO, CTO, Chief Risk Officer, they're less technical than ever and more a job for the corporate shrink

Midmarket BI and Data Warehousing
August 24, 2010 There's a lot we don't know about this segment but a new survey is out and we're having fun predicting some results

A Web Analytics Trap
August 13, 2010 DM Radio guests tell marketers to beware the use of Web analytics as a performance judge, and not an iterative way of learning

Big Data and "Boundary Spanning"
August 11, 2010 What North Carolina State University is doing to marry fast analytic processing with calculated multi-domain expert decision...

(Really) Big Data
August 3, 2010 It's here, it's powerful, it's impressive stuff; learn about it, gain from it and don't fear if you're not hyper-processing

Reputation, Interrupted
July 29, 2010 Protecting your or your company’s good name is also an advocacy industry that social CRM won’t completely decipher

aaS You Like It
July 21, 2010 In a service-based economy, what's the last thing you'd give up owning yourself?

Technologists in Foxholes
July 13, 2010 An oddity of data management and analysis is that as we get better and faster at it, our faith in the future can slip

Business's IT Smackdown
July 6, 2010 If capital expenditure budgets for technology revive, business could have new plans for it

BI: Smart and Smarterer
June 29, 2010 Our latest and seemingly annual take on why BI and data warehousing remain topics of high interest and lousy execution

Entrepreneur's Market
June 22, 2010 Thanks to old-school consolidation, new vendors and service models have more influence and headroom to grow than we'd ever...

MDM: Talent In Demand
June 16, 2010 Tools and vision maturing; organizational fit more important for those with skills in a sellers market

Automation and Obsolescence
June 2, 2010 HP bets a billion that automation drives the lowest cost and highest quality for all; what does that mean for the skilled job...

BI Goes Back to B2B
May 25, 2010 What IBM's deal for Sterling Commerce tells us about connectivity, timeliness and the emergence of a data economy

CMIS a Winner for Content Management Customers
May 12, 2010 A fast-moving standards body approves an interoperability protocol that will make a lot of ECM/document management customers...

Risky Business
May 4, 2010 A risk management expert believes that the business landscape of the future will be increasingly influenced by calculated...

Systemic Risk: It's Also Personal
April 27, 2010 The Iceland volcano cost money to a lot of people I know and ought to be a wakeup call to revisit our self-perceived immunity

Recalling the Bottom-Up Enterprise
April 21, 2010 Enterprise vision is fine, but too much top-down influence can cost us opportunities and send some of the best ideas out the...

Talk to the Hand
April 6, 2010 A researcher finds we're talking faster and interrupting each other more often; are we becoming our own content recyclers?

Governance: A Rulebook, Not a Playbook
March 23, 2010 We need policies and controls to faithfully surface data, but let's not confuse this with knowing the actual value we are...

"Metadata, Is That What It's Called?"
March 16, 2010 About the Fox show "24" and how TV tests tech terms to mainstream the geeks among us

Moving On With Analytics
March 9, 2010 Catching up with Tom Davenport and his latest book, it looks like we're squaring up analytical prowess with our slower culture...

Vendors: What's Not To Like
March 2, 2010 Dresner survey churns top 10 peeves list in David Letterman fashion; we share them with you here

Best in BI? Ask the Crowd
February 23, 2010 Former Gartner analyst Howard Dresner is running his own customer experience survey for participants to decide what business...

Worst-Kept Secrets
February 16, 2010 It's not so much that columnar databases and in-memory are hot or that MPP and virtualization won, it's the rate of change...

Who Let the Dollars Out?
February 8, 2010 2010 has already delivered a list of top acquisitions; drivers include maturity, customer acquisition and cross-selling, but...

Big Brother For Hire
February 2, 2010 With CIA profilers reportedly moonlighting to monitor earnings calls for "deception detection," speech analytics vendors are...

Data as Commerce
January 26, 2010 Just like iTunes, granular Web data services are just beginning to sprout into a new transactional data economy

Hedge Like the Vendors Do
January 19, 2010 Deconstruct your daily tech briefing, find your self-interest and use last week’s HP/Microsoft news as a learning...

Next-Gen Jobs
January 12, 2010 Parents want to see their kids with a happy and successful career, but these days there's not a lot of useful advice

The Movable IT Budget
January 5, 2010 Not that it will change overnight, but an annual budgeting cycle for IT spending might not stand the test of time

Data Center Lessons from AVATAR
December 29, 2009 Weta Digital’s Paul Gunn runs a state of the art facility but doesn’t play by all the new rules

A Spot Market for Computing
December 22, 2009 Amazon’s 12/14 launch of Spot Instances for EC2 is something we might want to mark on our calendar as a minor historic...

Wisdom That Isn't
December 15, 2009 If you're going to tackle a new center of excellence or competency center, at some point you're going to have to throw out the...

Data Governance Moves Upstream
December 8, 2009 Don't sweat data governance, make it a measure of political maturity to challenge your peers and look for tools to help your...

Clouds: Both Sides Now
November 17, 2009 With my inbox groaning under overload, two themes have emerged: some will watch the establishment evolve (Goldman Sachs has...

My First Windows 7 Moment
November 10, 2009 It might have been software or an act of providence, but it appears that Windows 7 saved my job

From Search to Explore
November 1, 2009 Information on demand depends on a growing base of content assets and services and the cut-to-chase script looks increasingly...

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