Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics applies statistical algorithms to prescribe (recommend) actions based on patterns in data that predict the behavior of customers, products, services, markets and other business outcomes.

NewsOne of the campaigns to get Britain out of the European Union is putting its faith in a team of U.S. data experts to win over voters.
FeatureThe mysterious capability showcased by Cambridge Analytica—to segment the American electorate not only by ideological predisposition but also by individual psychological characteristics—amounts to the most audacious new analytical innovation foisted on American politics this year.
BlogOur benchmark research on big data analytics shows that business intelligence (BI) is the most common type of system to which organizations deliver big data. However, BI systems aren’t a good fit for analyzing big data.
Information Management NewsMore than anything else, risk is at the core of the insurance business, and Teresa Cracas has made a career out of standing up to it. Cracas has been a champion of the power of predictive analytics not just in risk, but across the enterprise.
BlogJust as with humankind there are overlap periods where primitive statisticians co-exist with more sophisticated ones with more capabilities and skills. This implies the primitive ones have evolutionary steps in their future.
BlogOne of the key findings in our latest benchmark research into predictive analytics is that companies are incorporating predictive analytics into their operational systems more often than was the case three years ago.
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NewsMany organizations do not manage customer data as a corporate asset, and ignore the monetary value of that data, according to Gartner Inc.
BlogSo why did IBM do this deal? In a conversations with IBM's Bob Picciano and TWC CEO David Kenny, it became clear that three things drove this deal.
NewsIBM agreed to acquire digital assets from Weather Co., which include the Weather Channel and Weather Underground apps and websites, attempting to strengthen its ability to crunch data for customers and capitalize on the so- called Internet of Things.
BlogPredictive analytics offers significant returns for organizations willing pursue it, but establishing a solid business case is the first step for any organization. Inc. aims to cut the time its customers spend plugging data into its systems by weaving machine-learning technology from acquisition RelateIQ into its software for managing sales accounts.
Machine LearningSmart machines are getting smarter. But even the smartest machines lack fundamental human characteristics such as curiosity. How can we replicate that?
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