Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics applies statistical algorithms to prescribe (recommend) actions based on patterns in data that predict the behavior of customers, products, services, markets and other business outcomes.

FeatureGartner surveyed 180 professionals in the role of chief data officer or chief analytics officer to learn more about their responsibilities, background, and tenure in the role.
FeatureWhile social scientists weren’t equipped to see a Trump win coming, they have started to test theories of voting behavior that could shed light on why it happened.
Capgemini Senior Data Scientist Dave da Silva dicsusses the reasons why big data and data analytics seem to have abandoned ethics, and what can be done to correct the situation.
FeatureBy combining real-world data on populations, human mobility and climate with elaborate stochastic models of disease transmission, a team of 14 researchers has devised projections for the number of Zika cases.
FeatureCustomers come to rely on brands known for taking security seriously and conversely, are less likely to trust brands that have had known security breaches.
BlogNearly 17,000 patents applications in 2015 mention “algorithm” in the title or description, versus 570 in 2000. They jumped from 2400 applications in 2011 to 8000 in 2012, and to 12,000 in 2013.
FeatureBetter data means not only cleaner data that avoids the classic “garbage in, garbage out” problem, but relevant data scattered across silos that has been identified, unified and prepared for analysis.
NewsAs games unfold, data from the sensors generate statistics -- lineup comparisons and player efficiency ratings, for example -- information that can be shared with coaches or fans.
FeatureThe complexity of big data, and the learning curve for data professionals charged with managing it, continues to grow, much to the frustration of many organizations.
FeatureXTX uses mathematical models that are tuned with massive data sets. It says its technology has computing power comparable to some of the world’s top supercomputers.
BlogThe Society for Information Management’s 2015 IT Trends Study found that “analytics and business intelligence” were the biggest investments IT departments made that year.
FeatureAbout one-third of U.S. gross domestic product, or $6 trillion, is generated by industries vulnerable to changes in the weather, according to John Dutton, president of Prescient Weather Ltd.
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