Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics applies statistical algorithms to prescribe (recommend) actions based on patterns in data that predict the behavior of customers, products, services, markets and other business outcomes.

NewsAmFed will use the software to provide its underwriters with better visibility into risk selection and pricing.
FeatureInstead of holding forth on policy issues or the welfare of nations, many are working with companies to create the kind of ideal markets that were previously confined to the pages of their academic papers.
FeatureA machine intelligence system, dubbed Emma AI, is starting a fund that hopes to outsmart the humans and computers that make a living trading stocks.
FeatureOn a macro level, businesses that employ journey analytics and embrace a customer obsessed mentality see increased revenue, customer retention and customer loyalty.
BlogIt’s crazy when I think back to all I accomplished with so much data and ‘primitive’ analytical tools like Excel and SQL. I wonder what my job would look like with today’s tools and techniques?
Some leading edge organizations are deploying analytics to help them monitor and respond to IT incidents. Prelert CEO Mark Jaffe offers five approaches on how to best use IT Operations Analytics.
BlogThis extension would likely offer the right items to the right individuals at the right price – brought to the attention of eBay shoppers by predictive-enabled, contextual and customized recommendations.
BlogNearly two thirds of marketing decision makers plan to implement or upgrade predictive analytics solutions during the next 12 months.
PwC recently released its 2016 Big Decisions Survey, focused on how enterprises around the world are limiting risk and leveraging data to make the big decisions that will give them a competitive edge. With insights across 15 industries, the survey of more than 2,100 company decision-makers and leaders found that…
What does the future of big data hold? NTT Data released the 4 areas of information technology trends and 8 technology trends in its report "Looking Ahead: Technology Trends Driving Business Innovation."
FeatureAs part of its analytics efforts, the Illinois-based medical system has taken aim at medication adherence as a way to improve patient care and produce better outcomes.
FeatureWhether you compare present crime rates to the peak of murders in the 1970s or to the highs in violent crime in the 1990s, per capita crime rates are low and in long-term decline.
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