Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics applies statistical algorithms to prescribe (recommend) actions based on patterns in data that predict the behavior of customers, products, services, markets and other business outcomes.

Machine LearningSmart machines are getting smarter. But even the smartest machines lack fundamental human characteristics such as curiosity. How can we replicate that?
Vertical MarketsA new clinical center on Long Island is using the organization’s electronic health records and predictive analytics to get ahead of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
NewsThe HP Big Data Conference this week in Boston sets the stage for several major analytics milestones ahead of the Hewlett-Packard company breakup.
Vertical MarketsArmed with predictive analytics, payers can support preventive health care for members, improving their wellness and driving business
BlogAlas, data access and preparation are still the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in the predictive analytics process.
BlogCustomers sometimes don't see the dividing line. But I sure do.
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BlogIt takes a team with domain knowledge, statistical and mathematical knowledge, and technical knowledge to integrate predictive analytics into other technology systems and line of business (LoB) operations.
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NewsRetail pharmacy CVS Health has plugged into IBM Watson predictive analytics to enable healthcare providers and insurers to better manage care for patients who have chronic diseases.
BlogDespite strong business involvement, when it comes to products, IT, technical and data experts are indispensable for the evaluation and use of predictive analytics.
BlogWhat the latest research also reveals about predictive analytics adoption trends and outcomes.
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Information Management's DM RadioWhat happens when the keys to the castle fall into the public's hands? That's basically what's happening in the world of predictive analytics these days. Thanks to the open-source movement of R, a programming language, tools that once cost plenty are now available for free; and enterprise hardened versions of those tools can be had for a fraction of the cost from days gone by. What's happening in this movement, and how can you take advantage? Register for this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host Eric Kavanagh interviews Steve Miller of Inquidia, Bill Franks of Teradata and Andrie de Vries of Revolution Analytics, a Microsoft Company.
NewsRising demand for real-time data, distributed sensors, and data mining is fueling growth for energy-related IT services.
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