7 Films that Data Management Would Change Forever

Not a movie buff but still have data management as part of your upcoming entertainment plans? For a quick-hit slide show of summer data strategy and MDM films, click here.

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Superman III

Gus Gorman, played by Richard Pryor, embezzles money by electronically skimming from the company´s accounts. Gorman engages in "penny shaving" - that is, rounding figures down to the nearest cent and moving the fractions-of-a-cent into a separate slush fund. Gorman´s acts get the attention of the evil CEO, who attempts to use Gorman and his computer savvy to control the world´s coffee and oil supplies while providing Superman with an unhealthy dose of Kryptonite.
But with good data management ... A little data governance and a few comprehensive business rules would have prevented the initial embezzlement (which is also known as "Salami Slicing"), destroying the plot of this underwhelming movie rather than Superman´s mojo.