40 Vendors We're Watching in 2011

For our 2011 40 Vendors to Watch list, we rang up our most-trusted columnists and a few selected other sources for input, added our own ideas, did some background work and came up with a list we shaped and pared down to our standard. It's an editor's choice, to be sure, and like last year, we're happy to find many more positive stories than we can account for in our latest two score. Click here to skim the full list.

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Adaptive Planning:

What: SaaS-based planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting

Why: Excel may never be stamped out, but midsized and larger companies now have a cloudy option for the grunt work we all face. Broad functionality, hundreds of customers, documented customer satisfaction and no back rooms of hardware and bored IT staff makes this a compelling offer

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Of note: The company claims more than 850 customers, more than 17,000 users, quick growth, more than 200 partner organizations worldwide, and Gartner and the BPM Pulse survey gave it highest ratings for customer satisfaction.