40 Vendors We're Watching in 2011

For our 2011 40 Vendors to Watch list, we rang up our most-trusted columnists and a few selected other sources for input, added our own ideas, did some background work and came up with a list we shaped and pared down to our standard. It's an editor's choice, to be sure, and like last year, we're happy to find many more positive stories than we can account for in our latest two score. Click here to skim the full list.

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Aster Data*:

What: Massively parallel hybrid row and column database, analytics and services

Why: Just say "big data" and "analytics" and you've attracted attention; the performance, flexible formats and economics of scalability carry buzz for software, appliance or cloud deployments

Headquarters: San Carlos, CA

Of note: The Wall Street Journal recently ranked the company as number 7 on its "Next Big Thing" list of top 50 venture capital-backed companies. Aster Data is to be acquired by Teradata.


* Also on the 2010 "40 Companies We´re Watching" list