Can anyone share some experience as to how to test a data warehouse?

How do you measure/calculate information quality quotient for a particular data set?

Can data warehouses be designed to cover all possible queries on dimensions that we throw at it without providing a list of reports to an IT department?

When is it better to have normalized data to create data marts and when is it better to have dimensional data?

Apart from bloated dimension, what are the negatives of using all known attributes in your SCD?

Which CDC method is the best to achieve staging database with changed data?

What is the difference between a recommendation engine and predictive analytics?

Do you think a company is inefficient if they have more than 20 KPIs?

With respect to ETL integration from one system to the other, what steps needs to be considered when planning an aquisition or merger?

Should I be concerned about my boyfriend is spending 60 to 70 hours per week on a data warehouse project?

How do I convince my reluctant boss to begin work on a data warehouse?

When we deliver a data warehouse solution, the users tell us it doesn’t match what they need. What do we need to do?

Are there best practices or tools for creating a data dictionary?

Where is the best place for a BI application to reside?

Are you aware of off-the-shelf operational data store solutions?

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