Master data management (MDM) is synchronized enterprise-wide business data that provides definitions and identifiers of internal and external objects involved in business transactions (e.g., customer, product, reporting unit, market share).

A recent study by recruiting and compensation website Glassdoor identified the top paid jobs in America, based on what employers are paying for those hires. Data and information technology jobs took 10 of the top 25 spots.
FeatureSelf-service analytics tools enable retailers to hook up to various internal and external silos, grab data and mash it up at will. They see this as a key to smarter decision-making – and they’re correct.
BlogNearly two thirds of marketing decision makers plan to implement or upgrade predictive analytics solutions during the next 12 months.
What does the future of big data hold? NTT Data released the 4 areas of information technology trends and 8 technology trends in its report "Looking Ahead: Technology Trends Driving Business Innovation."
BlogStuart’s blog discusses the dependency data scientists have on data preparation and conformity, Master Data Management, including advanced techniques such as entity resolution using probabilistic matching.
FeatureHPC capacity has typically not been viewed as a solution except for those with a lot of money or skill. As such, there is a significant unmet need for cost-effective easy to use HPC capacity for SMEs.
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FeatureBut what happens if you need to handle millions of these types of transactions at once? To ask it another way, what happens when the universes of high-value transactions and Big Data collide?
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BlogQlik helped pioneer the visual discovery market with its QlikView product. In some respects, Qlik and its competitors also spawned the self-service trend rippling through the analytics market today.
NewsEnterprises of all sizes face challenges on a range of key data performance management issues, from stopping bad data to keeping data flows operating effectively, according to a new survey.
BlogI have discovered the most successful data governance schemes are run as change management initiatives, led and supported by individuals with well developed soft skills.
FeatureThe race for technological dominance won't be won by measuring who can build faster computers. Instead, what will matter is who invests most wisely in basic research.
Spending on information technology is on the increase in the government sector this year, and that includes a significant portion toward data management and data analytics related issues. This week research firm Gartner Inc. released its report on “The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for Government in 2016.”
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