Internet of Things/Sensor/Machine Data

BlogRegardless of industry, the promise of IOT is ultimately a move towards digital transformation for better, more proactive decision-making and to deliver a better experience for customers.
NewsThe industries that made the largest IoT investments in 2016 were manufacturing ($178 billion), transportation ($78 billion) and utilities ($69 billion).
FeatureBaidu is spending a lot of time and money on its automated-driving and artificial-intelligence technologies, and this has placed the company alongside if not ahead of global rivals in the race to driverless cars
NewsThe change comes as carmakers try to turn their products into technology-packed, connected devices, rather than just gas-powered vehicles, while preparing for a future in which computers do the driving.
FeatureNo one can predict which objects consumers and businesses will want to connect to the internet. So businesses are trying nearly everything, and showing it off last week at the CES in Las Vegas
Only 10 percent of organizations believed they could master digital transformation in 2016. That will change in 2017, driven by new employee transparency, changes in the office of the PMO, new ways of tracking project success, and the growth of IoT in the workplace.
FeatureTop flops from 50 years of the Las Vegas show include Digital Audio Tape players, Apple’s Newton handheld computer and Atari’s Jaguar gaming console. Here are some more recent disappointments.
NewsChina has set a goal for 10 percent to 20 percent of vehicles to be highly autonomous by 2025 in the world’s biggest auto market, and for 10 percent of cars to be fully self-driving in 2030.
In 2017, a new generation of intelligent software tools and applications will automate some decision making and business processes, and augment the human work involved. Here’s a look at what to expect.
FeatureIt's hard to know what the end game looks like -- or even what the goals are -- in this new operating system war, but it is the most interesting fight in technology.
NewsThe goal is to apply the gathered data toward producing the iNext, which will supplant the 7 Series as the BMW brand’s flagship model and be capable of full autonomy four years from now.
News‘Intel Go’ will feature processors ranging from its smallest Atom chips all the way up to its most powerful Xeon product packaged with other components and software. It will be available in the first half of 2017.
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