Las Vegas, NV
JAN 30, 2013 2:05pm ET

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Innovation Enterprise Big Data Innovation, Las Vegas

DEC 31, 1969 2:05pm ET

The Big Data Innovation Summit is the largest gathering of Fortune 500 business executives leading Big Data initiatives.

The Big Data Innovation Summit brings together business leaders and innovators from the industry for an event acclaimed for its interactive format; combining keynote presentations, interactive breakout sessions and open discussion.

Big Data Innovation will help your business understand & utilize data-driven strategies and discover what disciplines will change because of the advent of data. With a vast amount of data now available, modern businesses are faced with the challenge of storage, management, analysis, visualization, security and disruptive tools & technologies.

Dissecting and making sense of this information to enhance company performance and achieve increased customer insight. With senior leadership now more aware of the need for investment in big data practices, data scientists play a key role in policy formation.