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The Data World Cup, Featuring the Data Steward

The Referee (aka the data steward) The Referee (aka the data steward)

Data stewards bridge the gap between data policies and processes and their execution.

PRO TIP: Watch out, saboteurs! The data steward has your number!

The Uniform The Uniform

Know who to turn to and who can help resolve them.

PRO TIP: Never ask a data steward: "Oh, for which airline?"

The Rulebook The Rulebook

Stewards do not need to be SMEs, but they must have solid understanding of how data supports the needs of the business.

PRO TIP: Data stewards don't always make the rules.

The Whistle The Whistle

Sometimes data stewards need to call a time out or just get people's attention.

PRO TIP: Hone your whistling skills in Louisburg, NC, the "World's Whistling Capital."

The Scorecard The Scorecard

Data stewardship formalizes the monitoring and measurement of data.

PRO TIP: A Dashboard is a data steward's best friend.

Flats Flats

Data stewards need to signal decision makers when there are opportunities on the horizon.

Red/Yellow Cards Red/Yellow Cards

It is the job of the data steward to call out a warning or make tougher changes.

The Goal The Goal

Data stewardship can be a thankless job, but stewards are an essential part of the game.

For more information... For more information...

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Content and graphics courtesy of SAS Best Practices.

It's game time! A fun metaphor featuring the data steward as referee.

Special thanks to SAS Best Practices for the content and images of this slide show.


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