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6 Ways Enterprises are Using Unstructured Data

Here are 6 examples of organizations experiencing success as they dig for newfound insights in unstructured data.

Intervening on Health Facility Re-Admissions Intervening on Health Facility Re-Admissions

Seton Healthcare Family, a Central Texas health care not-for-profit, went about mining its unstructured clinical information and was able to identify triggers for re-admission rates for Medicare beneficiaries, such as alcohol and drug use, or living situation. Building out a model with this existing information has enabled interventions with potential return patients and health care savings from reduced compliance costs and fines.

Framing Financial Records Framing Financial Records

BNY Mellon has tied unstructured info on customer interactions via all of its channels into enterprise-wide data systems. Leveraging this “nontraditional” data along with other more transparent sources is part of the banking behemoth’s internal process to construct better collaboration and a clearer view of its customers’ evolving banking needs.

Managing Massive Government Sets Managing Massive Government Sets

Under the weight of hundreds of petabytes of data created annually, the federal government is starting to get a grasp on the unstructured and semi-structured portion of its data mass. A handful of existing examples of access and platforms to deal with unstructured data include: a compliance data warehouse at the IRS; the electronic records bank of more than 142 terabytes of information and 7 billion objects at the National Archives and Records Administration; and medical records analytics used at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Powering Utility Insight Powering Utility Insight

Driven in part by open source big data frameworks and massively parallel processing appliances, the utility industry is finding new value in its daily streams of unstructured data. For one, unstructured meter streams can help judge the severity of surges or outages, and give the basis for predictive testing.

Mixing in Social Media Mixing in Social Media

One of the big promises from combing through unstructured data has been to make sense of social media and “trending” streams. While that goal remains out of reach or a work in progress for many, some outlets have made it work, such as the marriage of customer info and social chatter for personalized attention (and deals) by clothing retailer Chico’s.

Securing Data Trends Securing Data Trends

Big data security has been a bit of a laggard in terms of areas of adoption. However, recent releases are beginning to change the vendor-side of that equation. And there are deeper efforts underway to find best practices for overall data security in mounds of unstructured data, such as the standardization research underway by the Cloud Security Alliance and Fujitsu Laboratories of America. “Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being created resulting in a myriad number of data security and cloud-computing security concerns,” said Sreeranga Rajan, director of software systems innovation at Fujitsu Laboratories of America.

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Before you can look for the proverbial needle in the haystack, you need to know why you’re looking at the haystack at all. When it comes to stacks and streams of unstructured data, there is a developing pool of best practices and industry-specific approaches.


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