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A One-Year Roadmap for Analytic Change

Accenture offers some straightforward tips for change over the next 100 days: identify the data you have, determine what ongoing analytic projects are attempting to answer, catalog and tap new data sources, and define the skills needed to champion data across your business. Further out, here is a roadmap for enterprise analytic change.

Decorate a Data Champion Decorate a Data Champion

It may be a new title or a new hire entirely, but creating an organizational “data champion” gives analytic programs a human face and voice. It could be a “chief data officer” but it shouldn’t just be another job for the CIO. Accenture recommends a data advocate defined as someone “whose responsibilities encompass the collection, prioritization, distribution and analysis of data.”

Prioritize Strategic Questions Prioritize Strategic Questions

A key to solving problems with data is knowing what is being asked. As part of your analytic reboot, ensure that applications not only meet user functional needs, but are also designed to “explicitly capture the specific data needed, update user interfaces to get new pieces of data and add data collection as a new set of requirements within the software procurement process.”

Determine Long-Term Gaps Determine Long-Term Gaps

Based on your earlier review of existing and potential data sources, try to read between the lines and determine where you might have some data gaps. Then, act on filling those gaps: purchase data, develop new APIs and ask how partners can assist.

Enmesh the Software Enmesh the Software

With data, comes software. Embed new data requirements into software roadmaps and their respective procurement plans. Where the existing software or as-a-service options won’t fit, design software to capture data within customized and frequently updated cycles.

Accept New Data Accept New Data

Accenture recommends you develop a data creation strategy to “attain data through the setup of new data sources.” This includes machine-to-machine, newly adopted software and data creation passed along from partners.

Keep the Pulse of Data Keep the Pulse of Data

As with all long-range data programs, success doesn’t start and stop with the launch date. Revisit data needs as inevitable business-based questions and requirements arise.

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This analytic roadmap was released as part of the Accenture Technology Vision 2013 report. Click here to access the full report.
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If data is the “new oil,” then analytics should act as your gas station: a source for direct insight power. But let’s face it, good analytic programs take work. Here is a roadmap for enterprise analytic revitalization from management consultancy and services provider Accenture.


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