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11 Data Visualization Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

Here are 11 data visualization pros offering outspoken commentary in 140 characters or less on Twitter.

Enrico Bertini @FILWD Enrico Bertini @FILWD

Enrico Bertini is assistant professor at NYU Poly where he researches and teaches information visualization. His “Fell in Love With Data” blog is about the joy and fun of getting interesting information out of data and making it useful through pixels and bits.

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Michael W. Cristiani @mcristia Michael W. Cristiani @mcristia

Michael W Cristiani is the principal data visualization and analytics architect in Powerhouse Factories' Analytics & Data Visualization practice. Michael’s work has involved state-of-the-art data visualization technology and spatial database analysis tools for strategic planning, market analysis and market segmentation.

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Noah Iliinsky @noahi Noah Iliinsky @noahi

Noah Iliinsky is an expert in the theory and practice of information visualization. He writes and speaks about best practices for designing visualizations in both industry and academic contexts.

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Andy Kirk @visualisingdata Andy Kirk @visualisingdata

Andy Kirk is a data visualization architect, consultant, training provider, author/editor of He is also the author of “Data Visualization: a successful design process.”

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Daniel G. Murray @DGM885 Daniel G. Murray @DGM885

Dan Murray is a business intelligence consultant specializing in data visualization who enjoys turning data into information. In particular, he evangelizes data visualization utilizing Tableau Software in conjunction with all of the popular general purpose and columnar analytic database tools.

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Scott Murray @alignedleft Scott Murray @alignedleft

Scott Murray is an assistant professor of design at USF who is interested in data viz, generative art and design experiences that encourage people to slow down and reflect. He writes software that generates interactive experiences and is the author of “Interactive Data Visualization for the Web.”

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Cole Nussbaumer @storywithdata Cole Nussbaumer @storywithdata

Cole Nussbaumer is a speaker, teacher and author, focusing on effectively communicating with data. She blogs about bringing data to life and storytelling with data through examples and practical tips. Her goal is “to help rid the world of ineffective graphs, one exploding, 3D pie chart at a time.”

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Naomi B. Robbins @nbrgraphs Naomi B. Robbins @nbrgraphs

Naomi B. Robbins is the author of “Creating More Effective Graphs” and has spoken on graphs to numerous universities, professional societies, corporations, non-profits, government agencies and organizations such as the United Nations and UNESCO. She also blogs for Forbes and writes articles to help audiences avoid graphical mistakes.

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Edward Tufte @EdwardTufte Edward Tufte @EdwardTufte

Known as a pioneer in the field of data visualization, Edward Tufte is a statistician and professor emeritus of political science, statistics, and computer science at Yale University. He is the author of four books on information design and data visualization.

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Andrew Vande Moere @infosthetics Andrew Vande Moere @infosthetics

Andrew Vande Moere is an associate professor at KU Leuven university in Belgium. His research interests merge the representation of information and explorative, creative design, such as in the fields of data visualization, mapping, interaction design, media architecture, urban computing and digital fabrication.

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Martin Wattenberg @wattenberg Martin Wattenberg @wattenberg

Martin Wattenberg, computer scientist and artist, is co-leader of Google’s “Big Picture” data visualization group. He seeks to find new ways to “represent information to create connection, insight, narrative and beauty” and is particularly interested in the use of visual tools for collaboration and collective discovery.

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With more than 500 million users generating 340 million tweets a day, it can be hard to pick out the true industry experts, especially in the eye-catching space of data visualization. However, certain voices on visualization rise to the top.


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