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10 U.S. Cities Making the Most Big Data Hires

Enterprise data and IT career community Dice reviewed the more than 83,000 tech-related job postings as of the start of July and broke down the number and percentage of big data positions in cities and regions across the U.S.

Dallas Dallas

Coming in at number 10 on the list of hiring areas for big data positions, Dallas, registered approximately 2.5 percent of all postings for those specialty roles. Big D represents just slightly more than that percentage in terms of overall tech career postings, according to Dice.

Philadelphia Philadelphia

Coming in neck-and-neck with Dallas in Dice’s rankings, the City of Brotherly Love had just under 3 percent of the big data career postings across the U.S.

Atlanta Atlanta

Atlanta listed approximately 3 percent of all big data positions, just behind its percentage of all U.S. tech job postings. In addition, Atlanta and NYC represented the only two top tech hiring cities/regions that didn’t have a decline in posted positions over the last month, according to Dice.

Chicago Chicago

Although it has about the same number of big data positions as Atlanta, Chicago has more of the broad U.S. tech hiring market, at 5 percent total, according to Dice estimates.

Los Angeles Los Angeles

L.A. clocked in with approximately 5 percent of big data hires.

Seattle Seattle

Given the relative rankings in total job postings, Seattle and Boston “stand out” when it comes to the percentage of big data careers. For Seattle, that represents 6 percent of all specific big data postings.

Boston Boston

Although near the top of the big data hiring list at 7 percent, Boston had the largest drop in overall posted tech positions among the strongest cities in the U.S., down 15 percent in July compared with the previous month.

Washington, D.C./Baltimore Washington, D.C./Baltimore

The two cities combined represent approximately 11 percent of big data hires, outpacing its percentage of U.S. tech hiring, according to Dice.

New York City New York City

At the top of overall tech hiring metros, NYC represents approximately 12 percent of big data positions, according to Dice. It’s also worth noting that all 10 cities/regions on Dice’s list are, in different order, the same as the top 10 U.S. tech hiring hubs.

Silicon Valley Silicon Valley

The heart of the U.S. software and data industry, Silicon Valley constitutes nearly one-quarter of all big data positions, according to Dice. That’s a drastic difference from its approximately 6 percent of overall U.S. tech positions.

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Making an impact with advanced analytics and all aspects of big data requires the right talent. But what U.S. cities are making the biggest effort to find big data expertise and skills?


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