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10 Fastest Growing States for Technology Jobs

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10. Missouri 10. Missouri

Although Missouri was the fastest growing state for tech jobs each of the past two years, that growth has slowed to 2.10% over last year.

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9. Michigan 9. Michigan

Ranking ninth, Michigan increased its tech positions by 2.72%.

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8. New Jersey 8. New Jersey

New Jersey came in number eight, with a growth rate of 2.84%.

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7. Massachusetts 7. Massachusetts

Massachusetts reported a 2.91% growth rate for tech jobs.

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6. New York 6. New York

New York increased its tech positions by 3.08%.

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5. Washington 5. Washington

Making the top five growth states, Washington grew the number of tech positions by 3.53%.

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4. Oregon 4. Oregon

Oregon charted a 3.57% increase in tech positions over 2013.

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3. North Carolina 3. North Carolina

North Carolina increased the number of tech positions by 3.80%. According to, approximately 2,200 open technology positions are posted on Dice by tech employers each day.

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2. Florida 2. Florida

In the first half of 2014, Florida created 4,100 tech jobs to reach a growth rate of 5.64%.

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1. Texas 1. Texas

The top growing state for tech jobs is Texas, which increased the number of tech positions by 8,100, representing a growth rate of 5.99% over 2013.

Image: iStock published a list of the 10 fastest growing states for technology jobs. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics “Establishment Survey, Business and Professional Services, Computer Systems Design and Related Services,” this list represents the growth for the first six months of 2014.


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