Enterprise Software/ERP/CRM

Enterprise software is software designed for organizational rather than personal use, and often refers to transactional systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and associated modules (or best of breed software) for managing finance, customer relationships, supply chain or human resources.

FeatureOne of the defining features of the blockchain is its immutability. Numerous computers retain identical copies of a permanent, encrypted record of each transaction. Nobody can go back and make changes.
BlogThe ECM market is going through a period of real change. Just look at some of the developments in the past few months to see that vendors are either pushing change through themselves or being subject to it.
BlogVerint's product portfolio and capabilities extend beyond workforce optimization; indeed, from a glance at its home page it is not immediately obvious that workforce optimization is a main part of its portfolio.
FeatureUtilities are adapting the cloud-based ledger system used to track bitcoins as a replacement for slower administrative systems that require constant human input and multiple spreadsheets.
NewsOrganizations are moving away from traditional business models toward digital solutions, and there’s a strong market for trusted managed customer premises equipment (CPE) services partners.
FeatureU.K.-based DeepMind developed an artificial intelligence called WaveNet that can mimic human speech by learning how to form the individual sound waves a human voice creates.
BlogPrevero’s project management capabilities also are a good fit for Unit4’s professional services vertical and a useful feature for bridging annual budgeting and long-term planning.
FeatureOnce complete, the new Manulife innovation platform will serve as a means for research analysts to analyze and decipher natural language from public sources to make smarter investment decisions.
NewsBlockchain’s core technology, which underlies the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, is a “data structure that can be timed-stamped and signed using a private key to prevent tampering,” according to ONC.
NewsFor all the attention associated with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), 451 Research says just 6% of enterprise workloads are currently running on IaaS, representing a small piece of applications run.
Windows 10 just celebrated its one-year anniversary and already 38 percent of organizations have integrated the operating system. To help those just now doing so, Citrix offers the following best practices for preventing data loss when dealing with a workplace transition, whether the transition is caused by people or technology migrations.
BlogWhile much of the focus thus far has been on how SaaS will improve the way you do business, less attention has been given to how your IT department must change to adapt to this new environment.
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