Getting Started with Big Data Analytics


First things first – when getting started with Big Data Analytics, you must focus on a particular business need. Improve sales? Lower costs? Sharpen the efficiency of your organization? These are all doable goals with the right analytical program. Then there's the data. With Big Data, you'll need extra time to manipulate and process the data such that it's usable. And of course you'll need the right tools, as well as qualified personnel. Because Big Data Analytics is so new, that means most tools are relatively unpolished, and only a handful of professionals are true Data Scientists. Register for this episode of DM Radio to hear hosts Eric Kavanagh, Jim Ericson and Justin Kern interview several of the smartest minds in the biz: Paul Barth of NewVantage Partners, Leon Guzenda of Objectivity, Dave Henry of Pentaho and Michael Howard of Greenplum.

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