Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery for enterprises includes the policies and processes for maintaining business continuity and operation in the event of a natural or other disaster. In IT and computing, disaster planning often focuses on data center integrity, offsite redundancy, failover, backup and recovery of data put at risk by an unplanned event.

FeatureThe report shows that ransomware attacks and data loss from cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce are likely driving data recovery requests.
When it comes to the top paying job markets for database administrators, the most important factors are location, location, location. Job site Indeed has just released its report “Where are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the US?” which looks at best salary offers adjusted for the cost of living. Here are the top 15 markets for database administrators.
Ghoulies and ghosties, ans long-leggedy beasties are just some of the things haunting IT leaders today. Add to those, ransomware threats, DDoS attacks, and major service outages. Finn Partners surveyed IT leaders on their greatest fears.
The rapid growth in the amount of data that organizations need to store is putting a strain on many. Mark Lewis, chief executive officer at Formation Data Systems, discusses five “pitfalls” of storage in virtual environments.
FeatureDelta scrapped about 800 flights on Tuesday, after about 1,000 cancellations Monday. It began Wednesday with150 cancellations and expected to resume normal operation by mid-to-late afternoon Wednesday.
FeatureEnterprises are defying physical boundaries and stretching their operations around the globe to a virtual continuum that begins with data, develops into information and, ultimately, transforms into knowledge.
Growing pressure from regulators to improve security of protected public information makes this a good time to reexamine your disaster recovery plan.
FeatureAs a technologist, I am constantly thinking about leveraging the latest software or hardware to provide solutions to problems. My latest thoughts revolve around disaster recovery and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).
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