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Essential Guide to Using Data Virtualization for Big Data Analytics
September 24, 2014
Why Data Virtualization Can Save the Data Warehouse
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The Intersection of Big Data, Data Governance and MDM


The Intersection of Big Data, Data Governance and MDM

One important aspect of the “Big Data” phenomenon is that it is bringing new urgency to an age-old problem: organizations have almost always had more data than they could handle, and today’s business executives are facing the same challenges.

The axiom “better data means better decisions” is even more critical today—where data can come from a large variety of sources. Without a solid data management program in place, data can be inaccurate and unfit for purpose.

This eBook examines techniques that have been used to create and enforce higher standards for data management such as master data management and data governance. Read this and discover what you should consider to realize the full potential of Big Data.