Data Storage

Computer data storage is accomplished on a variety of physical devices including memory chips, disk and tape drives, flash and other solid state memory and new storage mediums that store and read information. Data storage is an overhead archival cost that must also be managed for risk and compliance across a lifecycle of demand, usability and disposal.

BlogI'm convinced that some companies not so secretly wish to be big data, even when they're not.
When it comes to the top paying job markets for database administrators, the most important factors are location, location, location. Job site Indeed has just released its report “Where are the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the US?” which looks at best salary offers adjusted for the cost of living. Here are the top 15 markets for database administrators.
What to earn top dollar for your top database skills? Being certified or proficient in these skills will give your paycheck a boost of 10 percent, or more.
In-memory databases are designed for big data applications and real-time analytics. Here are 19 in-memory databases that Gartner mentioned in a recent market overview report.
FeatureWhile SDS has taken off quickly in test and dev environments, its adoption for production use hasn’t been as swift. According to Gartner, last year just 14% of enterprises were using SDS broadly in production.
The end of the year always brings predictions for what we can expect in the year ahead. DriveScale’s chief scientist Tom Lyon looks into the crystal ball for his thoughts on what’s in store for hyperconverged systems and the data center.
NewsA Moscow district court decision last week said that LinkedIn had failed to observe a 2014 federal law that internet companies that process the personal data of Russian citizens must store that data in Russia.
BlogThere are three areas where it seems like potentially new next-practices are emerging. But it's unclear if these are baked, or fully thought through.
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Gartner Group’s Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing has identified 19 top firms for this critical work. In part one we introduced the Leaders and Niche Players. Today we focus on the Challengers and Visionaries.
BlogWhile data storage is becoming less expensive, the rate of data growth is such that the cost of processing, auditing, securing and exploiting data is rising faster than any savings accrued through decreasing storage costs.
FeatureEvery data lake project must have a line of business champion and goal. Just like every other project. Projects without a funding business sponsor tend to fail.
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BlogThe good news is that the business data lake and the data warehouse concepts can easily exist side by side –they can be viewed as ideal companions solving quite a number of issues by being together.
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