Data Storage

Computer data storage is accomplished on a variety of physical devices including memory chips, disk and tape drives, flash and other solid state memory and new storage mediums that store and read information. Data storage is an overhead archival cost that must also be managed for risk and compliance across a lifecycle of demand, usability and disposal.

NewsCloud startups such as DigitalOcean and Backblaze are beginning to compete for customers with the likes of, Microsoft and Google.
Information Management NewsFor Dell, a combination with EMC could bolster its storage revenue as it competes against Hewlett-Packard and other rivals.
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NewsU.S. Internet companies may lose billions of dollars and spy agencies may be stifled in thwarting terror plots after Europe’s highest court struck down a trans-Atlantic data-use agreement.
NewsA trans-Atlantic pact that potentially allows U.S. spies to get their hands on European citizens’ private data was declared illegal by the EU’s highest court, in a ruling that threatens to plunge Internet companies into a legal limbo.
As big data and machine learning take hold, storage technology often becomes automated, virtualized and more complex. Some platforms tend to pin their owners into a commodity lifecycle to keep pace with scalability, speeds and costs. Here's how to break out of the commodity storage lifecycle.
NewsA huge majority of organizations (94%) are confident about their ability to achieve value from Hadoop and 49% say they are already deriving tangible value, according to a new survey by AtScale, a provider of business intelligence software.
Big DataHow Hadoop can be used as a valuable business intelligence tool for enterprise organizations -- with step-by-step considerations.
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NewsMicrosoft asked an appeals court to reverse a ruling forcing it to turn over e-mails stored in Ireland, in a closely watched case that could set the terms for data security in the U.S. technology industry.
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NoSQL databases are increasingly popular for big data applications. But which NoSQL database software options are most ideal for your potential application needs?
Data ManagementOrganizations need to move large unstructured data sets across the world quickly and easily for big data analytics using Hadoop. Classic methods like FTP and HTTP aren't designed for such use cases. Here's how to move forward.
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ArchitectureSoftware-defined storage coupled with two other key trends seem ideally suited to address the ever-growing big data needs within today’s businesses.
NewsEMC, Pure and other suppliers are benefiting from better-than-projected demand from companies embracing flash-based storage as a way to speed up their websites and number-crunching. But prices have declined more rapidly than projected.
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