Data Storage

Computer data storage is accomplished on a variety of physical devices including memory chips, disk and tape drives, flash and other solid state memory and new storage mediums that store and read information. Data storage is an overhead archival cost that must also be managed for risk and compliance across a lifecycle of demand, usability and disposal.

BlogThe pace of innovation in the storage market is fast and increasing. Technology cycles that once played out over three-to-five years now take 18-24 months.
FeatureEvolution in the application space has a significant impact on the way we build and manage infrastructure. Cloud-native applications in particular require shared cloud-native data services.
In-memory databases are designed for big data applications and real-time analytics. Here are 19 in-memory databases that Gartner mentioned in a recent market overview report.
Big data skills continue to be among the most rewarding investments for technologists, and most expensive to pay for to IT leaders, according to the newly released “IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index” by Foote Partners. Here are the skills and certification trends that will have the most impact.
NewsThe combined company will be able to offer a more diverse set of components to makers of machinery used in data centers.
NewsABI Research predicts that global revenues from the integration, storage, analysis and presentation of Internet of Things (IoT) data will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29% through 2021.
FeatureArchives that handle both structured and unstructured data need to understand the data in order to make smart decisions based on the information.
FeatureToday’s data security threats are much harder to evaluate. They span multiple machines, may run for weeks or months, and may cross multiple accounts and identities.
NewsDuring the past year, Google has deployed “thousands” of these specialized artificial intelligence chips, called TensorFlow Processing Units, in servers within its data centers.
FeatureEnterprise IT is on the verge of a revolution, adopting hyper-scale and cloud methodologies including micro-services, DevOps and those developed specifically for cloud platforms (cloud-native).
BlogA data lake combines massive storage capabilities for any type of data in any format as well as processing power to transform and analyze the data.
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FeatureDifferent levels of the stack, including storage, database, clustering, data flow, data processing, analytics, and messaging are all composed together to form the final product.
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