Data Quality

Data quality refers to the tools and processes that result in the creation of correct, complete and valid data that is required to support sound decision-making.

BlogData preparation is that missing capability that is easily addressing analyst needs.
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NewObamacare will eventually allow patient information to quickly synchronize between pharmacies, doctors’ offices, hospitals and data suppliers. However, the emergence of shared medical records makes errors all the more dangerous because they can propagate more easily between providers.
BlogBI and data integration professionals face a multitude of overlapping data preparation options. Here's how to sort through the market.
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BlogWhen it comes to changing how the finance and accounting organization operates, proper data tools can help. But there’s no substitute for leadership.
NewsInstead of battling data management costs on their own, three giant banks are partnering with SmartStream Technologies Inc. to build a consolidated data management company. By joining hands, the participants believe they can drive down data management costs while boosting data quality.
Information Management NewsDon't confuse batch analytics with real-time "fast data" analytics. Here's a closer look at the latter, and the big data business implications for customers.
BlogAlas, data access and preparation are still the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in the predictive analytics process.
Information Management NewsEstablishing a data culture and improving data quality is not a one-time project. It is an ongoing discipline. Here's how to get started.
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AnalysisIndustry standard data models for banking, retail, insurance and other verticals sound promising. But you need the following foundational steps to successfully implement the canonical model.
BlogOur current paradigm of top-down design doesn't work that well. But nature resolves similar problems with flair.
BlogStop thinking technology can be the solution to the data conundrum. Instead, look at these four areas for answers...
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AnalysisBy interlinking text and data, leveraging public data sources that provide context and supplemental information, and identifying true meaning, businesses are constructing knowledge bases with the power to reason at the speed of the human mind.
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