Data Management

Industry buzz suggests that the only data worth having is the big kind, but that’s a fallacy. Sometimes, it’s the small, nuanced data that can save the day.
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AnalysisData can reduce the fear in decision-making, yet the inability to utilize data and the lack of trust in it perpetuates “go with your gut” as a standard business practice. That needs to change.
NewsThanks to emerging Hadoop as a Service (HDaaS) platforms, small and midsize companies are positioned to ride the big data wave, according to new research.
NewsAs thousands of organizations hire chief data officers (CDOs), one research analyst stands up and wonders if the CDO wave will end once CIOs and chief marketing officers see eye to eye.
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NewsLarge and midsize companies are embracing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings that feature hybrid cloud capabilities, according to new research from TechNavio.
GuidanceAs organizations witness massive data growth, storage will continue to be seen as a cost center. However, the vast data stores could be turned into a strategic business enabler.
AnalysisMetadata has always been around. There used to be a theory that organizations needed to devise one and only one way of defining a concept, making it official, and then keeping it in one place for everyone to access and use. That goal was never achieved in most organizations, and thus the information lifecycle continues to evolve. Here's how to move forward.
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