Data Governance

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Data governance is a process and structure for formally defining and managing information as a resource. It ensures that the appropriate owners representing business processes, data and technology are involved in the decision-making.

FeatureNow the challenges are more about data access, movement, security and governance as enterprises struggle to get the right data to the right people in the right form -- in time to make a measurable difference.
FeatureInformation Management recently hosted a roundtable of data experts in the financial services and insurance industries to discuss their best practices for establishing a data quality strategy.
FeatureEveryone has his or her own take on the exact definition of information governance, and in reality, “ideal” governance will be different for every organization.
FeatureData analysis and data analytics is not just for data analysts. Instead, professionals throughout the organization want to get intimate with the potential of data.
FeatureOn a recent Monday, more than top financial 100 executives gathered to see something revolutionary: U.S. dollars transformed into pure digital assets, able to be used to execute and settle a trade instantly.
FeatureThe financial industry is standing at the precipice of executing its “data management commitment.” Institutions are breaking down barriers to enable data management as a sustainable activity.
There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to high demand for data professionals. But just how well an individual can cash in on that trend depends on their job experience, location, and acquired skills. This week we look at how all those factors impact the paycheck. Today we review the pay premiums being paid in 2016 for the top noncertified data skills.
Data professionals continue to be among the most in-demand in the job market, but what they earn -- or you should be paying -- depends on industry experience, location, technical skills, and contribution to the bottom line. This week we look at how data professionals can earn top dollar, depending on job focus, certifications earned, and skill concentrations. In part one we look at the top paying data certifications.
BlogThis year promises to be a break-out year for master data management, with a number of milestones expected to be reached.
BlogPart of the deliverables for the MDM Institute’s customer advisory council is an annual set of milestones to serve as a "road map" to help Global 5000 enterprises focus efforts for their own MDM programs.
FeatureWhat was new at the Strata event this year? "This year attendees are down to business and want to know how to achieve results," explains Ron Bodkin, founder and president of Think Big, a Teradata company.
FeatureCompanies want to blend an array of data for analytics, whether from relational databases, large swaths of machine data or data already living in Hadoop, says Pentaho's Ben Hopkins.

White Paper: Information Maturity in Large Organisations through Business Semantics: a Business Case at the Flemish Public Administration
In today's business ecosystems, information has become a competitive and strategic asset. Being able to exchange data and to interpret the information in the data that has been exchanged in the right context and within a reasonable time is a top priority for many organizations. Click the above title to continue reading this white paper.
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