Data Governance

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Data governance is a process and structure for formally defining and managing information as a resource. It ensures that the appropriate owners representing business processes, data and technology are involved in the decision-making.

FeatureGartner surveyed 180 professionals in the role of chief data officer or chief analytics officer to learn more about their responsibilities, background, and tenure in the role.
NewsCDOs are adding to the competitiveness of their organizations by contributing to key planning and decision making, and by leading digital business initiatives, according to Gartner.
FeatureCompanies will be continually challenged around data accessibility, timeliness of delivery, as well as whether they can efficiently scale their business and IT processes to handle the increased data flows.
BlogWhen combined with connectivity and software – both embedded and remote – IOT will increase the magnitude of managed devices and applications for all types of business.
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FeatureSince data governance initiatives deliver increased value over time, it is important to invest in a technology which adapts quickly to this ever changing landscape of data sources.
NewsThis session will provide insights on the framework used to develop a data governance strategy and roadmap, including the importance of a business driven approach and metrics to sustain the program.
BlogIf you have implemented Data Governance properly, your Data Governance Framework should sit at the centre of all your data activities now,
NewsWhat is data governance really, and how does an organization do it right? Those will be among the topics covered in the tutorial “Big Data Governance” to be held at The MDM Summit in New York, November 8-10.
FeatureThe American Health Information Management Association’s mission is to advance data analytics, informatics, and information governance.
Organizations are increasingly looking to simplify their data architecture and decrease the time to value from data. But there are a number of challenges in selecting the right data management platform to manage multiple data streams. Here are the top 5 roadblocks.
FeatureDespite all the attention paid to big data and data management, many organizations continue to struggle with getting full value from their data assets.
NewsSince implementing the ASC in 2012, Catepillar noted the capability has been used by nearly 10,000 users to dramatically improve the supply network performance to all-time highs.'

White Paper: Information Maturity in Large Organisations through Business Semantics: a Business Case at the Flemish Public Administration
In today's business ecosystems, information has become a competitive and strategic asset. Being able to exchange data and to interpret the information in the data that has been exchanged in the right context and within a reasonable time is a top priority for many organizations. Click the above title to continue reading this white paper.
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