Data Federation & Virtualization

FeatureGovernance, risk management and compliance are best understood and managed under one umbrella since they each contribute and work together with the other disciplines.
FeatureWith the correct visualization and data analysis software in place, companies can avoid unplanned outages, which typically result in losses upwards of seven figures.
BlogThere are many reasons for an organization concerned with managing its data to consider data virtualization.
FeatureAmong the seagulls and pelicans of Silicon Valley’s Redwood Shores, there’s a startup called Meta that’s trying to change everything about computers and the way we use them.
FeatureA CDO’s initiatives can be streamlined - if not expedited - by data virtualization, which enables seamless access to disparate data sources through a logical data layer, as well as detailed control over these sources.
FeatureAs a technologist, I am constantly thinking about leveraging the latest software or hardware to provide solutions to problems. My latest thoughts revolve around disaster recovery and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).
FeatureA virtualized infrastructure is a great productivity enhancer for the IT organization not to talk about all the added benefits of managing a virtualized infrastructure – but once you get past the rosy honeymoon, the ugly underbelly of virtualization starts showing up.
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