Data Discovery

Which big data companies generate the most revenues? Wikibon analyzed the players based on sales from hardware, software and related IT services.
Artificial intelligence is the newest ‘big thing’ in data management, but defining just what AI is isn’t so easy. As it turns out, there are at least nine significant technologies that make up this complex topic.
BlogData mining can be defined as the automatic or semiautomatic process of meaningful structural patterns discovery in large quantities of data by applying machine learning techniques.
FeatureMagnitude Software's John Evans shares his thoughts on what companies at the MDM & Data Governance Summit are most struggling with when it comes to an effective MDM and data governance strategy.
BlogNetwork analysis is a great way for non-technical users to explore their data and pursue investigative leads. This was demonstrated with the recent leak of the Panama Papers.
BlogArtificial intelligence and cognitive computing have captured the imagination and interest of organization large and small but does anyone really know how to bring this new capability in and get value from it?
FeatureThe race for investment in smart business applications is the real tipping point in the analytics market, and here are three of the most impactful benefits your business will experience.
The White House has just issued a report looking at four of the top areas where big data has the potential to greatly improve the lives and safety of Americans. But there are just as many pitfalls as promises to be aware of.
FeatureData analysis and data analytics is not just for data analysts. Instead, professionals throughout the organization want to get intimate with the potential of data.
There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to high demand for data professionals. But just how well an individual can cash in on that trend depends on their job experience, location, and acquired skills. This week we look at how all those factors impact the paycheck. Today we review the pay premiums being paid in 2016 for the top noncertified data skills.
FeatureAttendees at last week’s Strata & Hadoop World conference had a lot on their minds when it comes to data management and data analytics, but one theme that emerged repeatedly was real-time processing.
FeatureWhat was new at the Strata event this year? "This year attendees are down to business and want to know how to achieve results," explains Ron Bodkin, founder and president of Think Big, a Teradata company.
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