Many companies are looking for IT solutions that will help them achieve compliance in the areas of auditing, policies, procedures, authentication and authorization.

FeatureProject Data Sphere, a digital library-laboratory platform, collects data from clinical trials and makes it available to the public for secondary analysis in the hopes of finding a cure for cancer.
NewsThe Brussels Court of Appeal said the nation’s data protection authority couldn’t prevent Facebook from storing data from non-users in a fight over measures the technology giant says help it combat hacking.
FeatureEthical hackers are computer and networking experts who attempt to penetrate information systems on behalf of its owners to find security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.
If you’re on the market for a top shelf master data management solution, this newly-released listing from The MDM Institute offers great insights on products you should include in your search.
NewsThe newly available information is on public gene expression data, which describe the degree to which genes are turned on or off under certain conditions.
FeatureThe plethora of data available from electronic health records, claims systems, registries and from patients themselves is an unprecedented opportunity to modernize and augment clinical trials, says new study.
What is the true cost of a data breach? Research firm Deloitte says the toll of cyberattacks is significantly underestimated. The firm cites 14 factors that could have deep impact on your business and your bottom line.
FeatureHealthcare providers are realizing that the ability to analyze data will be the key to managing the swift changes now occurring in the treatment and management of patients.
NewsHealth information exchange might be a challenge for some providers, but not for members of the Northern California HIE Collaborative, where clinical summary exchange volume increased by 1,349 percent.
FeatureThe California Emergency Medical Services Authority has funded development of a solution to provide real-time health information exchange during disasters.
FeatureDespite widespread use of electronic health records, a recent survey has found gaps in how information flows between clinicians and also between physicians and their patients.
NewsMany healthcare organizations entering risk-based contracts often don’t factor how difficult it will be to stratify the risk of patients treated under the contracts, and don’t get the outcomes that they envisioned.
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