Many companies are looking for IT solutions that will help them achieve compliance in the areas of auditing, policies, procedures, authentication and authorization.

FeatureThe Triple Aim Initiative seeks to improve patient experience (quality, satisfaction); improve overall population health; and reduce costs on a per-capita basis.
FeatureGleaning any type of intelligence from massive, relentless data flow required Allina Health to make big, risky bets on IT infrastructure and analytic tools.
NewsPremier Healthcare, a multi-specialty group practice in Bloomington, Ind., on January 4 discovered that a laptop holding protected health information on nearly 206,000 individuals had been stolen.
NewsThe first full day of HIMSS16 brought a number of vendor announcements of new analytics products and services. Here is a partial snapshot.
FeatureThe effort has gained support from some of the nation’s largest developers of electronic health records systems, representing 90 percent of the health records used by U.S. hospitals.
NewsGermany’s antitrust regulator opened a probe into whether Facebook Inc. abused its power in the social network market by forcing customers to agree to terms allowing the use of their data.
FeatureEvery healthcare stakeholder agrees that it’s time for clinical data to get up and running. But just because everyone’s behind an effort certainly doesn’t make it easier.
FeatureAn administrative law judge has upheld the authority of the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services to enforce HIPAA regulations and impose fines for patient data violations.
NewsThe Senate health committee has approved a bill to improve healthcare information technology by modifying requirements relating to the development and use of electronic health records.
BlogSome technologists and Silicon Valley executives argue that any efforts by the government to ensure law-enforcement access to encrypted information will undermine users’ privacy and make them less secure.
FeatureThe nation’s largest healthcare data association is concerned that some provisions of proposed new healthcare IT legislation could stifle innovation and add complexity to the HIT landscape.
FeatureBeing in compliance can be a daunting task. Where and when do you start? Definitely do not start after you’ve failed a security audit or, even worse, been sued for negligence. Here's how to start now.
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