Many companies are looking for IT solutions that will help them achieve compliance in the areas of auditing, policies, procedures, authentication and authorization.

FeatureOne of the most contentious issues in the post-9/11 era—the extent to which civil liberties must be given up in order to root out terrorist threats—is back on the agenda following fatal acts of terror in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California.
NewsOpenNotes, a national initiative that gives patients electronic access to the clinical notes their physicians write after visits, is getting a major shot in the arm in terms of funding.
NewsSAP on Tuesday announced Foundation for Health, a new product that lets doctors and researchers collect and analyze medical data such as research, electronic health records and human genome sequences in a single system.
NewsThe fine and corrective action plan stems from the theft of a laptop that contained limited protected health data on medical imaging examinations for 599 individuals.
NewsThe fine is the second largest levied against organizations that the HHS Office for Civil Rights believes substantially ignored HIPAA.
FeatureWhile one survey found most healthcare organizations believe the code transition has been successful to date, a separate survey of doctors reveals the new billing codes are taking time away from patient care.
FeatureA recent study found that consumers are skeptical about insurance companies as stewards of personal data, which discourages them from turning over that data over.
NewsA one-year delay of the MiFID II is needed to allow banks and other companies to beef up their IT systems to comply with the law’s intense data-reporting requirements.
BlogGiven the rise in growth of mobile, cloud and wearable devices, the healthcare industry will see a rise in PHI breaches and continue to see attacks due to the increased volume of PHI data
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NewsA majority of companies (82%) struggle with the problem of fake users, and 43% admit to allowing them into their ecosystem to avoid friction in the user registration process.
FeatureThe new FRCP amendments introduce the notion of “reasonable” preservation effort to preserve data across all forms of enterprise communication.
NewsManhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. waded into the renewed debate over government access to phone record data, proposing a compromise that may mollify privacy advocates while preserving the ability of investigators to retrieve data with a warrant.
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