Many companies are looking for IT solutions that will help them achieve compliance in the areas of auditing, policies, procedures, authentication and authorization.

NewsIf the health data is being used commercially beyond treatment, payment, healthcare operations and other uses and disclosures authorized under the HIPAA privacy rule, entities also need to follow FTC regulations.
NewsAccording to the health insurance companies, data demonstrates the value proposition of telehealth and reveals that there are substantial savings to be gained—even as it increases access to care.
NewsOverall, the guidance will help providers develop a better idea of the current and ongoing security status of cloud vendors and other business associates (BAs).
NewsIn the study, doctors vastly outperformed symptom checkers, arriving at a correct diagnosis 72 percent of the time versus 34 percent of the time for the digital platforms.
FeatureBroader genetic representation is important for researchers and those using various forms of analytics to better make forecasts for population health initiatives, as well as improving the scope of information use.
NewsIn NIH’s Requesst for Information, the agency asked for is industry feedback on both qualitative and quantitative metrics, such as utilization, impact, quality of service and governance.
FeatureUnlike earlier approaches to data storage management, ILM involves all aspects of dealing with data, starting with user practices, rather than simply automating storage procedures.
FeatureSharing patient data and making extensive use of analytics is crucial for providers looking to achieve success in the post-acute care market.
NewsVaishali Patel, a senior ONC advisor, said that the percentage of hospitals with view, download and transmit capabilities rose markedly nationwide between 2013 and 2015.
NewsAbout eight in 10 of the CIOs surveyed said they are concerned about how the regulations will limit their ability to use customer data.
FeaturePhysicians are being hamstrung by the limits of current electronic health record systems, which are missing valuable opportunities to harness available data and predictive analytics.
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NewsHealth information exchanges have not been as successful as envisioned, and many areas across the nation do not have access to a functional HIE, says Titus Schleyer, MD, an investigator at Regenstrief.
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