Many companies are looking for IT solutions that will help them achieve compliance in the areas of auditing, policies, procedures, authentication and authorization.

BlogSome technologists and Silicon Valley executives argue that any efforts by the government to ensure law-enforcement access to encrypted information will undermine users’ privacy and make them less secure.
FeatureThe nation’s largest healthcare data association is concerned that some provisions of proposed new healthcare IT legislation could stifle innovation and add complexity to the HIT landscape.
FeatureBeing in compliance can be a daunting task. Where and when do you start? Definitely do not start after you’ve failed a security audit or, even worse, been sued for negligence. Here's how to start now.
FeatureNotwithstanding the powerful business interests at stake, there’s reason to think that the agreement may have loopholes that make it difficult for those bodies to uphold.
NewsThe U.S. and European Union reached a new deal to facilitate trans-Atlantic data transfers, in a last- minute agreement designed to safeguard privacy and protect technology giants and multinationals.
NewsHealthcare records for one in three Americans were breached last year, with records of nearly 112 million people affected by hackers, compared with only about 1.8 million individuals in 2014.
NewsFive major healthcare IT vendors have agreed to adopt an interoperability framework to foster cooperation that’s designed to simplify system-to-system data sharing.
FeatureThe need for a strong data governance structure has been talked to death in healthcare, but even for all the ink the topic has received, most healthcare organizations lack a sound plan.
BlogThe GDPR would impose severe penalties on companies that fail to comply with strict data protection requirements.
BlogAs businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes continue to seize the rapidly growing opportunities presented by data and analytics, the risks associated with the unprincipled use of analytics grow even stronger.
NewsCorrectly identifying patients and accurately matching their records as they are shared across healthcare organizations continues to be a daunting problem for the industry.
NewsA new report from the FTC outlines several questions for organizations to consider in order to help ensure that their use of big data analytics avoids outcomes that might be exclusionary or discriminatory
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