User experience (UX) is the study and measure of engagement and quality of experience with a product, or system. User experience is increasingly measured to gauge and improve the value and satisfaction with computing devices, application interfaces and business services.

BlogAPIs are becoming increasingly relevant to the future of business IT, especially in today’s Cloud-enabled, loosely coupled environments
TrendsBanks are experimenting with smartphone-driven shopping technology that provides faster and arguably more secure digital checkouts, mobile apps integrated with shopping catalogs, in-store marketing combined with location tech efforts and digital financial advice
CommentaryThe key to data visualization isn’t just providing a visual representation of data, it’s providing the right kind of visualization
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NewsNew and updated solutions and services from MuleSoft, Workday and others
BlogAdvice on which vendor to engage in a strategic Bathroom Portal Modernization (BPM) program
TrendsTNS study shows people are aware of wearable technology but not adopting it
TrendsGartner identifies ways for augmented reality technology to facilitate business innovation
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TrendsIncreased use of mobile devices is among the key factors driving DevOps strategies
Information Management's DM RadioApps are everywhere these days. The iPad still dominates, but Apple is just one of countless app distributors these days. The enterprise is increasingly looking to these lightweight applications as well, for reasons ranging from operational efficiency to analytics on the fringe. Register for this episode of DM Radio to hear Host Eric Kavanagh interview Cindi Howson of BI Scorecard, plus Randal Hoff of FairCom, Stefan Andreasen of Kapow Software, and John Callan of QlikView.
BlogUnderstanding the context-driven user experience is the first step toward defining the personas found in today’s analytics users
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BlogSaugatuck interviews Cognizant Technology’s Malcolm Frank on the evolution toward, and implications of, the “SMAC” stack and the changing nature of IT's contribution to the business
TrendsExperts identify typical problems that crop up with mobile banking apps and sites and what to do about them
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