Social media includes the tools and activities of personal and group engagement, discourse and shared experience. In social and business settings, collaboration tools and platforms help to summon, engage and organize people, information, activities, projects and programs with shared planning, records, timelines and measures of work.

Industry EventsThe Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Summit brings the leadership and innovators from the industry together for an event acclaimed for its interactive format, combining keynote presentations, interactive breakout sessions and open discussion. Modern businesses are now able to collect more information on customer sentiment and behavioural patterns than ever before, the challenge remains to identify patterns to increase CRM and drive success. Investment in predictive analytics allows organizations to gain insight for such a valuable resource, offering a crucial advantage over competitors and greater insight into their customers.
TrendsTwitter introduces improved multifactor authentication strategy, but is it enough for highly secure environments?
NewsPartnership with Nexgate introduces new functionality and security for social media network environments
NewsNew and updated solutions and services from Cloudera, Jaspersoft, FoundationDB and more
CommentaryA profile of some financial services companies that are using social networks to create new collaboration patterns with their customers, distributors and employees
NewsHYFN8 social media management systems allows marketers to listen and react to consumer behavior in real-time
BlogManagers need to be aggressive and realistic about what to take on and how it should be done
BlogThe fundamentals of leadership never go out of style
surveyForrester survey looks at the impact of social media on marketing efforts
BlogSaugatuck interviews Cognizant Technology’s Malcolm Frank on the evolution toward, and implications of, the “SMAC” stack and the changing nature of IT's contribution to the business
featureBecause CIOs are positioned at the nexus of the information flowing into and out of the company, the rise of big data provides them with a unique and perhaps unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate their strategic importance
NewsEditLive! allows embedded WYSIWYG editor and ability to embed social media in custom apps
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