Computing security includes identity management to ensure proper access controls to controlled or sensitive information and permission rights for individuals to view information and data maintained by others. Security is maintained by administrators with encryption and password control and through the use of tokens or biometric devices to ensure user identity.

NewsMore than 50 percent of businesses currently use or plan to use cloud-based business intelligence, but several common hurdles have limited cloud-based BI adoption in some organizations, according to just-released survey results.
NewsRussia rejected a report that its government had been involved in hacking a non-classified White House computer network.
Information Management's DM RadioBig data is everywhere these days, and that's part of the security challenge. In many cases, organizations use their existing security infrastructure to manage access to big data, but that approach won't always work. How can your company ensure that big data remains safe and sound? Register for this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host Eric Kavanagh will interview Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky, Phasic Systems; Rich Skinner, Brinqa; Sam Heywood, Cloudera; and Maksim Yankovskiy, Zettaset.
NewsRussian hackers were behind an intrusion in recent months into a non-classified White House computer network.
NewsThe proliferation and sophistication of hackers, combined with increased reliance on interconnected applications, devices and systems has complicated the IT security landscape, according to new research.
AdviceWhile the political ramifications and motives of Emailgate will continue to swirl around Hillary Clinton, it’s a moment in time for all businesses to take a closer look at their own information collection, retention, protection and access practices.
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AnalysisReady to roll out a business analytics platform? Here are five five dos and don’ts for managing information and data assets while diving into analytics.
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NewsPresident Barack Obama signed an executive order Wednesday allowing the use of economic sanctions for the first time against perpetrators of destructive cyber-attacks and online corporate espionage.
NewsThe rising number of connected devices is multiplying the probability of cyber attacks on companies across sectors, according to a new report.
NewsAs the BYOD market grows 25 percent annually, companies are embracing mobile virtualization to easy anywhere, anytime application access, according to new research.
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NewsSmall businesses have become more aware of the need for content security -- increasing their spend as small business information stockpiles grow, according to a new report.'s video game streaming site Twitch Interactive Inc. is requiring users to reset their passwords following a suspected hack.
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