Computing security includes identity management to ensure proper access controls to controlled or sensitive information and permission rights for individuals to view information and data maintained by others. Security is maintained by administrators with encryption and password control and through the use of tokens or biometric devices to ensure user identity.

NewsWhile the growth of Internet-connected medical devices and wearable fitness products can potentially improve health outcomes, the technology also raises serious privacy and security concerns that could undermine consumer confidence.
NewsSAP SE is trying to marshal Apple, Microsoft and other big business technology companies to gather hacker-fighting intelligence following a spate of security problems with open-source software.
NewsThe shortage of in-house security expertise is compelling many organizations worldwide to turn to professional security services, according to research from Frost & Sullivan. Also contributing to market demand is the endless progression in sophisticated advanced persistent cyber threats, the report says.
NewsProposed cybersecurity legislation from the White House may compel a major change in the HIPAA breach notification rule.
NewsThe vast majority of IT and security managers concede they don't know the number of shadow IT cloud apps within their organization -- which employees use without corporate IT's approval.
NewsIBM's new z13 mainframe system boasts improvements including the ability to perform data analytics on the machine itself, which IBM say can deliver insights faster and cheaper.
NewsCIOs now must track the use of workers’ own devices and applications and decide which of these programs to roll out companywide. That’s a break from the past, when they had more control over evaluating what software and hardware to buy before it reached the staff.
NewsPresident Barack Obama’s renewed push this week to protect U.S. computer networks from hacking was welcomed by industry leaders, though it lacks the financial incentives companies have been seeking.
NewsOfficially, the U.S. government warns companies not to hack, even when done as retaliation against attacks on their systems. Unofficially, the FBI may let it slide, according to cyber-security experts.
NewsAs 2014 winds down, healthcare information technology stands on the precipice of unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Here's a recap of the year's healthcare IT milestones.
NewsHigh-profile data breaches are pushing organizations to proactively evaluate Web Application Firewalls as a way to minimize business risk from unprotected Web applications, according to Frost & Sullivan.
NewsThe past year has been a busy one for the mobile technology market, as organizations continue to ramp up their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and roll out smartphones, tablets and other products to their more mobile employees. Here are five top developments and trends that we covered in 2014.
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