Computing security includes identity management to ensure proper access controls to controlled or sensitive information and permission rights for individuals to view information and data maintained by others. Security is maintained by administrators with encryption and password control and through the use of tokens or biometric devices to ensure user identity.

Information Management NewsA gang of hackers in Russia has amassed 1.2 billion sets of looted user names and passwords, according to a U.S. security company that said it's the largest known cache of stolen personal information.
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Information Management NewsThey haven't caught much media attention lately, but distributed denial of service attacks continue to take place and have become larger, researchers analyzing the latest attack patterns say.
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Information Management's DM RadioEstimates for the potential percentage of online accounts that are fake range from the low teens to upper 20s. Emails, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and even more serious types of business accounts are plagued by fraud these days. What can you do to protect against Internet forgeries? Register for this episode of DM Radio to find out!
Information Management NewsThird parties manage 70 percent of private systems, and that figure is on the rise, according to a report from Technology Business Research.
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Information Management NewsWith millions of malware strains targeting mobile devices today, bank CEOs and their security chiefs are understandably anxious. Here's a look at several defensive moves banks can make.
CommentaryHealthcare leaders who have properly instituted an information security awareness and training program — and integrated it enterprise-wide — have positively influenced their organizational culture in the right direction, writes blogger Brian Evans.
Information Management NewsSecurity and risk leaders need to engage with the latest technology trends to manage risks, says Gartner
Information Management NewsAdvice on some of insurance IT executives' biggest challenges, including data security, cloud computing, and recruiting and retaining talent was offered during a town hall meeting at last week’s IASA conference.
Information Management's DM RadioPrivacy remains a hot topic these days, and for all kinds of reasons. Web technologies can now track each and every movement you make in a browser, then map that all back to your IP address. The selling point is always more customized content (usually ads), but whither privacy?
Information Management NewsAll companies are aware of the growing risk of cyberattacks, yet few are taking the steps necessary to protect critical information. The key? Senior managers need to lead.
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Information Management NewsWarnings about the Svpeng malware that targets cellphones are proving to be unwarranted panic, skeptics say. Others argue that it is too early to ignore this powerful new strain of mobile malware that has stolen the financial data of customers elsewhere in the world.
BlogIn many security breaches, the security technology put in place did not fail. The Cloud technology did not fail. The management of security failed.
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