Return on investment is an economic analysis most simply calculated by the time it takes to recover the cost of an investment with a financial or other measure of positive gain to the business. Total cost of ownership is a measure of the sum of all types of assets, resources and activities required to own, lease or operate an investment.

trendsSoftware has become critical for most large enterprises, so they should adopt a reliable output metric that is integrated with the process for gathering application requirements
strategyWithout a standard job description, these are the questions you need to ask when looking for a chief innovation officer
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BlogManagers need to be aggressive and realistic about what to take on and how it should be done
featureWhy aren’t you seeing huge ROI results for your BI initiatives?
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surveyLarger insurers are more likely to use price optimization to increase profitability, and half use segmented demand models; most smaller insurers assume rate changes won’t impact customer demand
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featureMaybe the reason some companies don't value their data and/or information is that they have always had their basic data needs fulfilled
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BlogThe fundamentals of leadership never go out of style
surveyForrester survey looks at the impact of social media on marketing efforts
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