Open source refers to software, tools and applications that allow free and open access to manipulate the source code used to write the program. Examples of open source include Linux, Apache, MySQL and Firebird.

NewsApple Inc. acquired database company FoundationDB LLC, according to a person familiar with the matter, a purchase that will help bolster its cloud-computing efforts.
NewsWith one announcement, EMC Corp. hopes to solidify its big data strategy while also convincing data scientists and investors that three closely aligned companies (EMC, Pivotal and VMware) are better than a big corporate breakup.
NewsAvnet and IBM have unveiled a turn-key Hadoop solution -- hardware, software and support -- designed for on-premises big data deployments. It's the first of multiple Hadoop bundles that Avnet apparently intends to promote.
NewsAspiring big data professionals are embracing online Hadoop training courses. But as certifications from MapR, Cloudera and Hortonworks proliferate, the Hadoop skills shortage may quickly disappear.
AnalysisCombining data sets within Hadoop is easier said than done. Follow this guidance to help ensure your Hadoop big data project is heading in the right direction.
NewsCisco Systems is partnering with Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR to push Hadoop and big data applications into converged data centers.
BlogStrata + Hadoop World is in the books. Here's what I saw, heard and learned -- including a most compelling keynote from Microsoft.
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NewsAll eyes in the big data world are on the Open Data Platform -- a new association that strives to promote big data technologies and open source platforms like Hadoop. While promising and backed by big names like GE and IBM, the Open Data Platform initiative also lacks some key names. Here's a reality check.
NewsAs part of a big data and analytics push, Hitachi plans to acquire data-management company Pentaho Corp. for $500 million to $600 million, a person with knowledge of the matter said.
NewsHow CNA Insurance uses open source big data tools and proprietary analytic appliances to avoid millions of dollars in fraud case losses.
BlogBut there are cloud-based Big Data solutions for all of us.
NewsChina is aiming to purge most foreign technology from banks, the military, state-owned enterprises and key government agencies by 2020, stepping up efforts to shift to Chinese suppliers, according to people familiar with the effort.

With the Information Superhighway now stretching to practically everywhere, anyone in charge of corporate data has something in common – the need for an effective means of governance. While the challenges vary from one industry and company to the next, the underlying reality is universal: businesses that hope to remain agile must find a way to secure a strategic view of enterprise data. There will never be a silver bullet for marshalling the increasing volumes of data, but at least there is one irrefutable truth: a unified data management platform can solve most of the problems that information managers encounter. In fact, by creating a centralized repository for data definitions, lineage, transformations and movements, companies can avoid many troubles before they occur.

The benefits of a unified data management platform are many. They include:

* Improved data quality

* Better reporting and analysis

* Facilitated compliance

* Streamlined business processes

* Increased enterprise agility
14:57Companies selling traditional data integration tools impose a ‘data tax’ on their customers. But what exactly is this data tax? It’s all the unpredictable, hidden costs you’ll incur over the lifetime of your software. Because unlike Talend, proprietary data integration vendors base their business models and pricing on data volume. As your data increase, so will your costs.
16:50Data governance is an outstanding business strategy that leads your company toward greater efficiency, lower risk and increased revenue. Proper management of data underpins the success many strategic initiatives. However, it is not always easy for others to see its value. This white paper discusses the techniques that have been successful for data champions as they "sell" the importance of data governance to their company. It examines guidelines for optimal project selection, tracking the value of data governance and techniques for overcoming objections to a data governance program.
14:53Organizations have long sought to leverage the knowledge embedded within their existing data assets. However, this desire often clashes with a corporate data environment that is siloed and inconsistent. Many organizations may have already invested in solving data integration, data quality and master data management solutions; however, there is interdependence between these technologies that truly maximizes data utility across the enterprise.
14:55Open source data integration tools can provide the cost advantages of hand?coding with the productivity advantages of traditional data integration software. They are established in the developer tools market which has been the traditional stronghold of open source software. Expect open source to be a key component of data integration (and especially of operational data integration) in the near future, similar to the way it is a key component of application development environments today.
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