Enterprise software is software designed for organizational rather than personal use, and often refers to transactional systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and associated modules (or best of breed software) for managing finance, customer relationships, supply chain or human resources.

ColumnAre the management innovations that organizations are being exposed to and experimenting with fads or something that will more permanently stick?
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ColumnCRM data analytics can enable a business to make the sales process smarter as well as empower field reps with easy access to business intelligence. This is done not only by studying CRM data itself but also by enriching that data with additional information from both inside and outside the organization.
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Information Management NewsConsumers who access social sites from a smartphone are more likely to respond to content posted by a company
Although marketing and IT functions still remain far apart on how much weight each puts on the need for collaboration and interaction, the gap is closing fast.
Apple and IBM have entered an agreement that will result in more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions, including native apps developed for insurance and other markets. Forrester Research says the partnership has a good chance of succeeding for these reasons.
Information Management NewsUsing cross-functional teams to break down silos improves the chances of success when building highly complicated systems.
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TrendsBy 2016, one-quarter of the top 50 global banks will have launched a banking app store for customers, creating two key challenges for banking executives
ColumnAn executive team’s hypothetical exchange of tweets as their quarterly financial results are about to be reported
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Information Management NewsUsing new technology from Salesforce, the Boston bank is arming staffers with real-time customer data in a bid to increase wallet share, speed up decisions and help it handle problems quickly and efficiently.
TrendsSoftware market grew 5.5 percent year over year in 2013, reaching a total market size of $369 billion, says IDC
ReportInfrastructure functions can reduce costs and improve service delivery through better demand management.
BlogToday’s digital marketing capabilities are becoming a key cornerstone of the important transformation that is occurring
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