Data quality refers to the tools and processes that result in the creation of correct, complete and valid data that is required to support sound decision-making.

Information Management's DM RadioThe roll-outs of both state and federal healthcare exchanges were uniformly rocky, with countless performance and data quality issues creating havoc for many weeks. Some of the key issues have been resolved, such as capacity planning, but the data quality concerns lurk throughout these new systems. What's the current state of affairs? Register for this episode of DM Radio to find out!
RegulationsData quality management should be an integral part of any medical device manufacturer’s approach to unique device identification compliance
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RegulationsEmploying an EIM strategy ensures that device and packaging data needed for compliance is available, accurate, complete, consistent and secure and that it both conforms to standards and is properly consumed by other systems
BlogA data value must be both the right value and be represented in an unambiguous form
TrendsExperian Data Quality survey finds that prevalence of inaccurate data impacts strategic goals
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NewsInitial findings from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology on ways to match patients with their data do address problems with current HIT systems and data exchanges, notes advocacy organization Patient Privacy Rights.
Information Management NewsAt a time when most organizations are striving to treat data as an asset, lack of confidence in the quality of the data will quickly turn your data into a depreciating asset
Information Management NewsThere’s no way to tell how many people have successfully signed up for health insurance through the exchange, as 1 in 4 enrollments sent to insurers had garbled or incomplete information.
BlogPossible benefits of poor data quality
Information Management NewsNew guidance from the American Health Information Management Association offers best practices on data mapping to ensure an outcome with high data integrity
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