Data quality refers to the tools and processes that result in the creation of correct, complete and valid data that is required to support sound decision-making.

BlogPossible benefits of poor data quality
Information Management NewsNew guidance from the American Health Information Management Association offers best practices on data mapping to ensure an outcome with high data integrity
Information Management's DM RadioHindsight may be 20/20, but accurate foresight is a whole lot better. That's one reason why data profiling is so valuable. Being able to prevent data quality issues can save money, time, resources and morale. This is especially true in the world of Big Data, where errors can multiply by orders of magnitude. What can your organization do about it? Register for this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host Eric Kavanagh will interview Michele Goetz of Forrester Research, plus Cheri Mallory of SAP, Lance Speck of Actian and Shannon Tassin of Noah Consulting. This episode of DM Radio is sponsored by Talend
BlogInstead of emphasizing the negative aspects of not investing in data quality, what if we emphasized all the positives first?
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TrendsLarge insurers responding to a recent survey were unanimously invested in predictive modeling, but challenges persist
BlogA humorous example of data quality key concepts
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BlogInspired by the great Eagles song "Hotel California," this data quality song is about the common mistake of convening a council too early when starting a new data governance program
CommentaryThe current premise is that the more data an organization can access and analyze, the greater the insights that can be acted upon – so focus on data, data and more data. This approach loses sight of “NO” Data ...
Industry EventsData Modeling Zone 2013 contains many sessions from fundamental through advanced levels, so you can better capture and communicate data requirements, leading to more successful and sustainable solutions.
BlogCritical topics for data quality practitioners, emphasizing the need to take action
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BlogMaybe the data governance message is similar to a sound only dogs can hear
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FeatureMaintaining the quality of your enterprise’s data starts with preventing bad data in the first place and it requires tools, business processes and people
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