Data management is an overarching term that refers to all aspects of creating, housing, delivering, maintaining and retiring data with the goal of valuing data as a corporate asset.

Between securing reimbursements, ACA regulations, EHR system variations and complexity, security, guidelines and deadlines, big data can bury health care providers. Dr. Jerry Osband, Chief Medical Officer at EXL, a business process consultancy and analytics firm, identifies the top data challenges that providers face in the coming year.
ColumnThe key to bringing together and integrating all diverse types of medical data is a very flexible, accommodating solution architecture
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CommentarySenior business leaders everywhere, and even boards of directors, are trying to determine the best ways to deal with big data at their organizations. Here's a look at the factors to consider when planning your big data strategy.
TrendsTop three priorities for insurers include improving security/privacy, system simplification and standardizing infrastructure technologies, according to a survey by Kable.
CommentaryMarketers should be asking how the firehose of data from social media, digital campaigns, mobile devices and cursor movements can be used to enrich the data they already have from internal sources
CommentaryThe number of master data management and data governance initiatives have also escalated demand for applying SVOT as a necessary business mandate
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Valentine’s Day is all about finding and making the perfect match. There is a lot of data involved in celebrating Valentine’s Day — addresses, names, products/services ordered, cards, etc. — and any mistake in the quality and management of this data can cause potentially relationship-ending problems for people.
TrendsThirteen percent of insurers say enterprise-wide data management is a significant strength, and 19 percent are confident in their company's multi-asset risk tools, according to a report from State Street.
BlogIt is very important to make information available to the business and customers, but technology to do so may be an inhibitor
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CommentaryTechnological advances are generating vast new sources of data that can assist carriers with better decision-making.
RegulationsData quality management should be an integral part of any medical device manufacturer’s approach to unique device identification compliance
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BlogI was unaware of the newest goodies and was excited for a potential better solution for my script
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