Data management is an overarching term that refers to all aspects of creating, housing, delivering, maintaining and retiring data with the goal of valuing data as a corporate asset.

New Product NewsNew and updated products from GridGain, MemSQL and Others
BlogPractical freak advice pertinent for data science
InterviewIn an interview with, Jill Dyche, vice president of thought leadership at SAS, discusses the trends that are elevating the data discussion and forcing the executive suite to become involved in data strategy.
CommentaryMuch work remains to reconcile insurers' digital vision with the digital reality that seems to be arriving for other industries.
CommentaryData professionals should be involved in the evaluation, design and deployment of emerging technologies beyond big data.
NewsOracle Corp.’s Larry Ellison stepped down as chief executive officer of the software maker he founded, making way for a new generation of executives after one of the most profitable runs for a leader in business history.
CommentaryBusiness data governance has uncovered the need to focus on the behaviors of data producers, managers and users rather than the data itself. The data simply reflects the habits of its participants, so improve their habits for its production and handling and it will improve.
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We all know that using data to make decisions is better than relying on assumptions and opinions. But we also know that exercise is better for us than kicking back with a stiff drink and watching television. Is that knowledge enough to make us choose exercise? Not usually -- unless we make a conscious effort to work it into our daily lives. People who exercise regularly tend to adopt habits such as putting their running shoes next to their bed or always working out at the same time, and data-driven people do the same thing. Here are five habits common among data-driven people.
Information Management NewsMore insurance companies are undertaking big data projects, especially in actuarial, product development, and underwriting.
BlogA look at some disparate definitions of data science
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Information Management NewsTechnology is getting smarter, faster. Are you? Experts including the authors of The Second Machine Age, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, examine the impact that “thinking” machines may have on top-management roles.
CommentaryData is born out of observations and stories, not the other way around
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