Data management is an overarching term that refers to all aspects of creating, housing, delivering, maintaining and retiring data with the goal of valuing data as a corporate asset.

AnalysisMetadata has always been around. There used to be a theory that organizations needed to devise one and only one way of defining a concept, making it official, and then keeping it in one place for everyone to access and use. That goal was never achieved in most organizations, and thus the information lifecycle continues to evolve. Here's how to move forward.
NewsIn what is being touted as the first real-world trial of the impact of patient-controlled access to electronic health records, almost half of the patients who participated in the study withheld clinically sensitive information in their EHR from some or all of their healthcare providers.
BlogDirty data is bad -- but is "good enough" data the new reality?
NewsFord Motor Co. has hired industry veteran Paul Ballew as its first Chief Data and Analytics Officer. The hire, effective Jan. 5, 2015, surfaces as automakers try to gather, manage and monetize mounds of data from cars, dealerships, service stations, mobile devices and the public Internet. Ballew previously ran Dun and Bradstreet's global data and analytics efforts, and earlier was a chief sales analyst at General Motors Co. He's also held key posts at JD Power…
BlogRuby's more than just a scripting language, as Rails web developers will assuredly attest
NewsEnterprise architecture sounds like a good idea. But in the real world of gotta-get-it-done IT projects, it can often seem like an annoying obstacle rather than a strategic asset. Here's how CIOs can prioritize.
NewsOptimism about business growth and a rising sense of alarm at security breaches are shaping U.S. banks' tech spending plans for 2015.
NewsIBM and Docker are partnering to help businesses build and deploy applications more rapidly. The relationship could help corporate IT departments to more rapidly roll out Big Data applications both on-premises and in public clouds.
NewsBig Data is more than market hype, and will have the ability to reshape entire markets and shift competitive landscapes, according to recent research from General Electric and Accenture.
Information Management's DM RadioNot long ago, the best chance you had of determining someone’s sentiment required looking them in the eye, or at least hearing their tone of voice over the phone. These days, companies can assess the sentiment of customers, prospects and partners in a wide variety of ways. Text analytics can play a significant role, and so can multi-channel monitoring: knowing how people are interacting with your brand, via social, mobile, email, call center or in person. Find out how today’s cutting-edge companies are taking full advantage of sentiment analysis solutions by registering for this episode of DM Radio. Host Eric Kavanagh will interview Robert Ried of Deloitte, Justin Graves of Infegy, Lewis Clemmens of RedPoint Global and Dennis Clark of Luminoso.
NewsDropbox Inc.’s file-storage service for businesses can now be linked with products from companies like International Business Machines Corp., Dell Inc. and Splunk Inc., part of the startup’s push to attract corporate customers.
NewsA “culture of increased transparency” is needed at the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said, after Obamacare enrollment data were padded with dental plan customers in what she has called an error.
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